Friday, July 13, 2012

Boys Friends are Buddies

Really there is a difference between friendship of girls and boys friendship.? But what i feel may be it's true because girls are very element. if they are doing something they are think more, Like that she should be or not. And they think many things,but the result is nothing. Because what they are thinking there is no meaning, and they are always think for future. They are live today but always talking about there future. But boys are like bum. They are just enjoying their life and never think, That will happen in future they just live today.

Boys Friends are Buddies..:))
Ya... Truly I don't know how's Boys hang out with there boys friends. But i know this they are very Latin with their friends and Most Important thing,They never think when they decided to do anything. And really for that only Boys friend always a buddy..:):). Because there are some moments when no one ready to help, Only that one stand for us. Then what ever the situation like,for girl friend and for bunking,for projects,for daddy.what ever they are always with us.:):):):):):):):)
Some times for Girl friend they puncher bike....hey not our bike, My Girl friend bike..hahahaha so that she sit on our bike and we go for not long but little long drive....:P. And some times they took all petrol on our bike and when we are trying start our bike for college but it's not working, Then they tell chal chor na yaar aaj bunk hi sahi...... And the end of the evening they tell us truth that they has took the petrol from our bike. And that time we feel like O GOD please stop all these moments and i wanna be always with all my buddies. And then we think ya of course with my Girlfriend also ..:P:P:P:P:P.
Now The time of more difficult question...??????:P No, For boys it's not more difficult,when ever they are with their friend,and that time his girl friend with her friend...then very difficult question comes is our mind and that is, How i ask our friend's girl friend for her friend....:P...then when we back our room and at the time of dinner,yaar aaj dinner kaisa h, acha nhi lag raha h, bilkul bhi taste hi nhi h,....then our friend reply. ha kyu nhi be ..tera taste to ab change ho gaya h na, food to my GF's friend... Then he replied...Are yaar please please bta na kaisi h vo,apne GF ko bol na ki vo baat kare...Are nhi usase bol ki baat na kare bas ye bataye ki uska koi BF to nhi h, Rest of I will see...and My Greatest friend do this only for me......See what a friend...?????...:):):):):):
And most snafu moment when our college send notice to our home that time they are ready to become our parent for our college and become our Principle for our Mom and Dad......:):):):):). unforgettable moments....:)
The most heart touching moment,What comes in your mind with Girl friend,?????.....................naaaaaaa, when we go one city to another city just for the chill out. and we spend our college fee on it. OMG the time of fee submission, we are begging to other for our friend. And we told that please help my friend his father is not well..:):):)...and when our friend know it, He told..salo koi aur nhi mila marne ko mera baap hi mila tha...per tik h yaar agr yaha ye sab nhi bolte to kal mai mar jata aur tum log mere liye yahi bol rahe hote.....:P:P:P:P:P:..
And the funnest moment....:):):):). What comes in your mind????.Making fool our friends with someone. naaaaaaaaaa.... it is EXAM....:P:P:P:P. We are plan to study. And go our one friend home. And there we are all doing study like.....HM sale, smoke karne tak ke liye kuch nhi rakha h, rahta kaise h tu yaha? chal cigrate de ab....abe liter to dena. nhi h sale,tu kaise pita h. chal macis de. Then we start our study. Now after 5 min, it's so long paragraph yaar. lets some have refreshment. Oeee chal cigrate de, Again we start study after 10 mins friend told  that friends don't you think, Thoda sa silent jayda h. Chal na lappy open kar aur koi song hi laga de mast sa. Then again we continue our study with cigrate and song we doing study. Then after 20 mins...Friends today we do more than enough, Lets go outside and enjoy our this victory. Now we are out side of room and on the road. One friend cried..........
Oe sale tere PAPA ka phone aa raha h mere phone per.  Oe abe uthna mat,cut kar abhi. Ok,
Then again Oe sale fir se aa raha h uthane de varana mere ghar call kar dege.ok chal utha. But told him that i m revising my course. So talk with him later. And our sweet friend convey same to our father. Then our father asked to our friend that where are you all now. Are uncle bahar hu....Abe sale sach kyu bol raha h papa se..,ops sorry yaar...No No uncle I am just out because i have some work but he is in room and studying. Ok beta then when you come back to home. Uncle in 10 mins i will be in home. But may be he talk with you after.......hmm after 30 mins, Because he is revising his course. And uncle told ok beta.
And after haft an hour when we reached home.and we all shocked because his father is in front of us with friend family....... :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P HaHaHaHa funny na. How much we lied but Fir bhi fash gaye hum sabhi and We said sorry to all. Then when we enter friend room we laughed so much..:):):):):):):)...Because sabhi pakde gaye,.... naaaaaaa...Because we enjoyed...:):):P.....After all this is theTime that we are all in the EXAM room....hahaha ....Kuch samjh nhi aa raha h sale. We msqed to our friends. And got reply see what.... Cigrate then song then refreshment,kaun bola tha sale karne ko.khas hum thoda study bhi kar lete........P:P:P:P, And try to copy our next student. And now the time of result. Our Hearbeat like train runing...And at last we came to know that we passed..:):):):):):):)HURRYE.....We all are very Happy. Becoz we all Passed. Now It's  party Time with cigrate and drink, And what we pass ho gaye aur kya chahiye tere ko,ro kyu raha h.....yaar mere itne jayda marks kaise aa gaye...:(:((:(:(:(:P sale tu na.....pee kar ro ya ro kar pee ab........
Then we all are back to our home town. Then Job,then Target,Then Sale hahahaahaha life look like hell..
But when we are remember all those days. we smiled.......:):):):):):):):),.......:P

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Pure Love with Pure Feeling...:):):):):):):)

A Pure feeling which every one wanna feel...:):):):):):):)

We are Always talking about Pure love which is in every relationship.but when we are in Love then the reaction  is very Pure. In Love we know each other,we understand each other and try to care every word of each other.And really when we loves someone whole world feel very we are in Heaven. And every action of his/her make us mild, Even when  he/she is breathing that also moderate us. It's marvelous that a stranger comes near us and also we don't know how it happens. And we feel a very clear understanding. Either we are with or we are far but an undefined feeling always tells us that someone is always with me. And it's very stunning that before some time we never think that ever we see the whole world but when we are in love everything is changed and now In that person we see our whole world and for him/her we can do any thing without fail. We can't believe on our self that we are really that person who never care for any thing but now we always think that what should we do, how should we do to make that special one happy. And when people say that Love changes the people that time we never trust on them but now we feel that one really changes when we accept that Love. And now we realized that the reason when i am here in this world. we found the reason to be in this world. we got the reason that why i am breathing. why i am laughing. Every reason behind of my actions we got the reason. And we can't believe that we doing that type of jackass. Just for hold you only one time we are ready to wait for her to our whole life. and You know why we ready to wait because we know that this hand made for only me so i will wait for that moment to hold her hand. And for our that believe we waited for her/him our whole life.And the moment when that hand comes itself in our hand. Really that time we can't express our feeling to our self. and we feels that whole world in our hand.we are the king of our world. because my world based on that person who is with me and her hand on my hand and we feels that i am the luckiest person of this world. And we keep that beautiful moment in our soul and always wanna feel that moment. some times we do very stupid actions that we never feel, we will do all this.but we did.and on that moment makes her happy so i will ready to do all this in my whole life.because now her happiness is more important for me rather than other things. Love is beautiful because it is makes two stranger a soul mate......:):):):):):):):):):)
When i am writing this really in my mind is nothing but when i start to write thoughts come itself on my mind. So now i tell that confidently Love is really Beautiful.we just need to try.Love always ready to accept to us.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Relationship Never Explain......

Sach h na,ki kuch Relation aise hote h jinhe hum explain nhi kar pate h.hum samjhate h,janete h,feel karte h,but use explain karna bahut muskil lagata h. But fir hum un risto ko jeete h aur nibhate h.

Relation that's give un explainable feelings :) :)

:)) Ek Khushi mil rahi h mujhe ye likhane me.Sayad is liye kyu ki mai is Relation ko jee rahi hu.`Aur really us feeling ko,us sukoon ko explain nhi kar sakti hu.Ek Bhai apni sis ko kitna pyaar kar sakta h.use bina bole uske liye lad sakta h,ro sakta h.Uske paresaan hone per use dhat sakta h aur fir uski paresaani ko apne dil se laga kar rakhata h.Ki sayad paresaani apna rasta na badal de.Aur baad me use pta chalta ki uski sis ki apni koi praresaani nhi thi vo to uski hi ki galtiyo ke karan paresaan thi.To uaka dil bhar ata h aur vo jo pure pyaar aata h uske mann me apni sis ke liye.Vo use apne ashuoo se bhi explain karne me fail ho jata h.Sach ye Rishta bhi kitna aajib hota h na.Sis apne bhai ke liye kuch na kuch karne ke liye socha karti h.and bhai use apni rasponsiblity samjhane lagta h...::)
Kitna khubshurt relationship hota h na ye Sis and Bro ka......
And really i am so happy that i 'm a Sis of my two Bro and GOD give me this chance to live this beautiful relation.

Relation that's ever  forever :) :) 

OMG,ye relation bada confusion vala hota h..kitna ladte h hum,Us ke GF/BF ka khayal rakhte h ki vo kaha ja rahi h kisase mil rahi h,and all. Kyu ki hum jannte hote h ki mera frind vo ladki/ladkeko kitna pasand karta h. Aur yaha tak room chor kar bhi jate h balkani me sone ke liye.jab uski GF aati h.Aur agr uske Parents aa rahe h to room saaf karne me ,kadpe saaf karme me,uski help karte h aur yaha tak uske mummy papa ko receive bhi karne jate h,sab kuch karte h hum, Aur fir ladate bhi h ki sale tumne kuch bhi nhi kiya mere liye, But still usi ke saath rahna pasand karte h,Hum use kuch bhi bol le but agr koi kuch bola to ladne ke liye bhi ready ho jate h. Aur fir ye sochate h ki agr use pta chalega ki maine uske laye ladai ki to hum ne jisase ladai ki hoti h use bolte h chal tik h jane de koi ni but next time dhyan rakhio.He/She is my best friend next time kuch bhi bolne se pahle ye din yaad kar liyo.aur aaj jo kuch bhi hua h kisi ko bataya to aaj se jayda us din padegi,jin din mujhe ye sunane me aye ki tune kisi ko aaj ke din ki baat batai h.aur dhayan rakhiyo.mere best ko to kuch bhi nhi pta hona chahiye....Funny na..mar bhi khao aur kisi se bolo bhi mt..and by mistake us friend ko pta chalta h.To jab vo puchata h to bolate hum ......ha lada... but vo mujhe kuch bhi kaise bol sakta h aur yr tu kyu nhi tha vaha per saath me mil ke haath saaf karte na.aur ye sun kar friend bolata h mai vahi tha.tumne mujhe dekha nhi,:)) hahaahahaha hamesa tere saath but but tere....hmmmmm aga yr.....tere saath to hamesa hu.To friend bolta h nhi re do jagah nhi ho sakta. Kyu ????
To bolta h yr bathroom me aur meri GF ke saath to mujhe akela chor de....??????????????????? hahahahahaha.

Relation that's never explained...:)) :)) :)) :))

Ab pta nhi is relation ko hum kya naam se,sabki najar me to ye Husband and wife ka relation hota h.but situation aane per hum vo sare relation nibhate h jo hum kisi aur ke sath nibha rahe hote h. But jab vahi relation hum apne is relation ke saath nibhate h to hamara ye relation aur bhi strong ho jata h. Ye risha time ke saath change hota h. Starting me ek friend ki tarah hota h, Kyu ki ek ladki apna sab kuch chor kar us ek person ke liye aati h to vaha use ek apna dost chahiye hota h. To vo person vaha hamara ek dost ban kar saath deta h. Then after sometime time vo hame as GF treat karne lagta h, aur hame us person se pyaar ho jata h. Then kuch dino me vo hamara hasband ban jata h aur life time vo hamare liye sab kuch karta h.Aur hum uske liye sab kuch karte h.uski her jarurt ka dhayan rakhate h.aur vo hamre har dard ka khayal rakhata h.  Usase kuch dino ke liye dur jate h to ek BF ki tarah vo hame din me 10 bar call karta h. ye jane ke liye nhi ki kab aa rahe ho,bas hamari voice sunne keliye. Aur hum bhi uske hi ph ka wait kar rahe hote h. Ek dost ki tarah vo kitchen me hamari help karna ka try karta h aur sab kuch gadbad kar deta h aur fir jo muskurahat aati h unke face per...that's Priceless. kitna pyaar relationship hota h. Jaha hum apni life ek chor me aalg-2 relation aalg -2 person ke saath jeete h. but vahi life ke second chor me hum ek hi person ke saath vo sare relation ko jeete h.aur life time vo hamre saath rahte h........:)
Aut bahut kuch to nhi pta mujhe is relationship ke bare me.ha but dil kahta h. Ye ek Pure relation h.:)) :)) :))

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mango People v/s Money People

Life me bahut si aisi stiution ati h jab hame ye nhi pta chalta h ki kya karna chhiye. Hum bas sochate ab kya hoga.aur bas haath per haath rakh kar beith jate h...khair ye sab to aam baat h...aur pta h aam baat aam logo ke saath hi ho ye jaruri nhi h. Bahut log jo aam nhi hote h unke saath me bhi kuch aisi stiuation aati h ki unhe aapne aam na hone per bahut gussa ata h aur jo aam log hote h, Vo ye sochate h ki khas hamari life bhi un logo jaisi ho.
To bas aise hi mera man hua ki kyu na hum apni life style exchange kar le bas 1 month ke liye.
A Mango People become a Money People....
Now the life is start..and take a which turn no one know.....
And the Start with Daily rutin, A Mango People sleeping in the large Bedroom with his normal life,but now the life is changes and situation also change.then all the things are pahla hi din tha Mango people ka...lekin fir bhi use neend nhi aai rahi h vo kuch feel kar raha tha but kya use khud nhi pta tha. Lekin kyu nhi aa rahi h vo use pta nhi chal raha tha.aur jindagi us per uski is situation per has rahi thi. Per Mango people ne socha kya h jo hoga subhah dekha jayga.aur vo aram se so gaya,aur vahi dusari taraf Money people sleeping in the small bed and try to be comfort but use neend nhi aa rahi thi. aur vo idhar udhar ho raha tha sone ke liye. aur yahi soch raha tha ki pta kya hoga next day aur yahi sochate huye vo kab so gaya pta hi nhi chala.

Ek nai subhah jo kaisa din layegi kisi ko nhi pta, Mango prople ne apni akhe kholi aur dharti maa ke pair chuye.aur jab akhe khol kar dekha to use yaad aya ki uski purani life to change ho gai h.aur ab vo fresh ho kar breakfast ke table per pahucha, Fir uske samne BF ke liye itna kuch tha ki use samjh nhi aya kyu abhi tak uska BF sirf Gudh or chai with paradha aur sabji  hota tha per yaha to itna kuch h ki use samjh nhi aa raha tha,fir bhi vo BF kiya apne tarike se,thoda sa gudh aur ek paratha, Aaj uska first day tha office me aur use nhi pta tha ki karna kya h. Lekin fir bhi uske face per koi sikan nhi thi office me enter karte hi itni respect mili ki sayad hi uski ab tak life me use mili hogi aur usne apna kaam samjhana start kiya. To use samjh aaya ki is liye Money people itne paresaan rahte lekin usne ek tarika socha ki office ke kaam ko karo lekin ek passion ke saath na ki problem ke saath. fir kya tha office me vo sabhi ke saath apno jaisa behave karta,kisi ko kuch problem hoti to vo understand karta h then decesion deta h.aur uske is tarah se kaam karne ke way ko sabhi logo ne appreciate kiya aur logo ko bhi kaam karne me achja lagene laga, pura din kaam meeting, Meeting karte huye din kaise beet gaya use pta hi nhi chala, Shaam hui sabhi ko office se ghar jane ko bol kar vo Mango people apne ghar apni Family ke pass aa gaya,aur jab vo apni family ke saath hota h to use kuch yaad nhi rahta aur na hi vo yaad karna chata h,kyu vo ye sab kuch sirf apni family ke liye kar raha tha,aur agr vo apni family ko hi time na de to bekaar tha uska ye sab karna..use kuch sona hi nhi pada jo chahoye tha vo use 1 min me milta tha,aur use yaad aya ki kaise vo in sabhi choti-2 chijo ke liye kitna sochata hta but aaj sab kuch badal gaya h,aur Mango people ek respect si hui Money prople ke liye,Ki vo apni family ke liye kitna kuch karte h.kitna paresaan hote h,kitna kuch jelte h.aur fir bhi society me,logo ke samne smile karte rahte h ki vo apni is tarah ki life se bahut khush h.lekin Mango people ye decide nhi kar pa raha tha ki,kis ki life achi h,Mango people ki ya Money peole ki?.Lekin abhi vo kush tha uske pass sab kuch th a,aur god ji ko iske liye thank u bol raha tha.

A Mango People become a Money People..

Aur idhar Money People ki Ek nai shubhah with sweet and simple,vo utha apne bed se aur bas waiting for something...and thodi der me use yaad aaya ki jis ka vo wait kar raha h vo nhi aayega.and aap ko pta h vo wait kis kar raha tha... Apni maid use jab vo uthata tha to hath me tea ka cup,news paper,medicine and uski har vo chooti-2 chije jo uski jarurt hoti h sab deti h.lekin fir use yaad aya aaj aisa kuch nhi hone vala h. Sab kuch use hi karna h aur usne accept bhi kiya Fir vo fresh hua bina bed tea ke aur chair per beitha, Jis ko har chij use uske room me uske bed ke pass milti thi aaj vi un sabhi chijo ke liye ek chair per beith ke un chijo ka wait kar raha tha aur thodi hi der me uski wife,bacche uske samane the aur BF ready wakt uske mann me ye khayal hi nhi aya ki vo kaise BF kar kara h,uske mann me ye khyal aya,ki aaj mai bina kisi tension ke,bina kisi jaldi ke apni family ke saath BF kar raha hu. To use vo Paratha,sabji aur tea vala BF uske harao tarah ke BF se bahut jyada tasty and peaceful lag raha tha. Usne feel kiya ki vo kitne important moments ko miss karta tha.likin aaj jab vo un moments ko jee raha h, Fir vo apni job ke liye nikal hi raha tha ki,ghar ke andar se vawaj aai papa ji mujhe school tak chor dona plz,aur ye voice ye baat use paresaan nhi ki,use bahuta acha laga ki maine kitan kuch miss kiya, For 2nd kadam me fir ye awaj aai ki suniye ji jara andar to ana .to vo andar gaya aur uske wife uaka bag le kar khadi thi aur smile kar rahi thi.aur deri se uske pass unke ears me aa kar bolti h....AATA khatam ho gaya h lete ana,aur shaam me sabji bhi thodi si hi h to vo bhi le ana, baki ke saman ki mai list bana leti hu vo hum saath ja kar le aayege.OMG uske dil ne ye bola..becoz usne kabhi bhi aisa feel hi nhi kiya normal si baate h ye pal use itni kismati laga rahi the ki vo bya nhi kar pa raha tha. uske face per ek smile aa gai thi. ek peaceful smile.aur fir vo ghar se bahar aya aur bachi ko school chorne ke liye rahte me uski beti bolti h, papaji kal pta h class me kya hua,.Kal maine ek ladki se chagda kiya kyu ki vo mujhe aur meri frnd ko kuch bhi bol rahi thi.and papa ji teacher ko ye pta chal gaya and unhone mujhe 100 rs fine bola h dene sun kar uske face per gussa nhi tha.ek amazing si smile thi. usne bola chalo mai mil leta hu tumhare teachaer se.and papa ji ek aur baat maine ek ladko se bhi ladai ki..kyu ki usne mera tiffin kha liya tha to maine uska tiffin bahar fekh use itni hasi aa ye sab sun kar ki pucho mt.fir vo school gya teacher se mila and fir apne office ko nikhal gaya.vaha per usne pura din kaam kiya aur shaam me uska manager aa kar bolta h ki,suno tum apne liye koi aur job search kar lo.kyu ki ab hume koi new employee mil gaya sunte hi ..uske hos uth gaye...vo roya to nhi lekin uski akho se kai sawal nikhal pade.lein uski himmat nhi hi puchane ki, kyu ki uske dimag me kuch aur hi gujane laga tha. uski wife ki voice, and uski beti ki voice..vo hasi..vo sari baate uske ears me gunj rahi thi,aur uske muh se bas ek sawal nikla maine aisa kya kiya..?
fir use yaad aya ki aksar vo bhi aise hi kisi ko bhi bina vajah apni company se nikal deta tha.aur ye janane ki bhi kosis nhi karta tha ki vo banda kuan h,kya h,kaisa h,uska ghar kaise chalega ye sab kuch bhi nhi sochata tha..aur ab use uske Money people hone per sharam thi,gilt tha.aur shaam me apne ghar usne sab kuch apni wife se share kiya to uski wife uske pass beithi aur boli koi baat nhi hum new job search karge aur abhi to mai bhi job start karne vali hum sab kuch dekh lege.aap paresaan mt ho.aur beti can't believe boli papa ji kal me class me ja kar un dono se sorry bol dugi, to mers fine bhi maff ho jayega..uski bachchi ki ye baat sun kar uski aakho se aasuo ki jo ladi nikali use vo rok hi nhi pa raha tha.aur god ji ko thanx bol rha tha.apni is new MANGO PEOPLE LIFE ke liye..................

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vo Pahlu Jinhe Hum Aaksar Najar Andaj Karte H...

Hum aksar God ji ke samne shikayato ka pitara le kar baithate h, Ki aap ne hame ye nhi diya, Aap ne mera ye kaam nhi karya, Aap ne mujhe achi sakal nhi di, Acha ghar nhi diya, Achi job nhi di, Achi family nhi di. Aisi bhut si sikayate le kar jate h hum. Lekin bhul jate h ki ye duniya h. Isme hum jo dege vahi hame bhi vapas milega.

Jab ghar se nikalti hu to bahut khush hoti hu ki mai office ja rahi hu,mujhe dekhai deta h,sunai deta h aur mere haath pair sab tik h, Per jab dekhati hu ki mere samne se ek aisa insaan ja raha h jo dekh nhi skata h, Aur mai uske samne se nikhal jati hu ye sochahte huye ki plz god ji aisa mt karo, Lekin us wakt mujhe khud per bahut gussa ata h ki mai kitni selfish hu god ji ne mujhe sab kuch diya h but still me unse ladti rahti hu ki aap ne mere saath ye nhi kiya, Mere saath vo bura kiya. Lekin us insaan ka kya jo dekh nhi pa raha h vo kaisa feel karta hoga, Jaise uske liye to raat bhi raat h aur din bhi raat h,lekin vo koi sikhayat nhi karta h, Unke face per ek sukoon rahat h aur mujhe samjh nhi ata h ki vo ye sukoon late kaha se h....kyu ki bas isi sukoon ke liey to mai god ji bolti hu. Fir yahi sochate huye mai aage nikal aati hu. Ek aisa aisa insaan jise na sunai de, na dikhai de aur na bol paye us ki life kaisi hoti h,ye soch kar bhi dar lagta.just imagine karo agr hame 2 hour ke liye na kuch sunai de,na dikhai de aur na hi hum bol paye.kaisa lagega hame. Ye soch kar hi rogte kade ho jate h na, To jara sochiye ki un logo ka kya jo is tarah ki life ji raha h. Hmmm ab hamare pass reply ye h ki unhe to is tarah ki life jine ki adat ho gai h.,hamara ma bhi kitna beiman h na. Dusaro ke liye kitni jaldi decision le leta h. Lekin abhi khud per aaye to. Ye aisi life jeene ke bare me sochane me bhi dar lagata h.aur hum god ji ke di hui is life ke liye unse shikayate karte rahte h. Lekin ab dil nhi karta h unse koi bhi shilayat karne ko. Bas god ji Aap hamesa khayal rakhana us sabhi ka jinko aap ki jarurt h.

Hum akar dar jate h jab kisi bhi stiution ko apne upper rakh kar sochate h. Acha kabhi hamne socha h ki jab hum apni is javani ko chod kar Budape per aayege to kya hogi hamari life.Nhi socha h na..ya fir sochate huye bhi dar laga raha h. Sach to yahi h ki sochate huye bhi dar lagat h. Lekin aisa hoga to sahi aur hume vo life bhi jeen padega jisko jeene ke bare me soch kar abhi hume dar lagata h. Aur jab hum bhude ho jayege to hume tik se dikhai nhi dega. Jiske liye hum spectacles use karege.hume sunai nhi dega hume sunai dene vali machine lagani padegi aur hamari life machines aur medicines per chalegi. Acha kabhi ye gaur kiya h ki hum jab bas me traval kar rahe ho aur bahut se log kisi burug ke liye khade ho jate h, To us wakt dil me kaisa feel hota hus insan ke liye, Bahut acha feel hota h na, Lekin kabhi ye kyu nhi socha h ki us insaan ne pahle khade ho kar kyu help ki, maine kyu nhi ki, nhi socha h na. Kyu ki abhi hum ye bhul gaye  h ki ek walk aisa bhi aayega ki hum us burug ki jagah per hoge aur koi hamare liye bhi khada hoga ya na bhi khada ho.kyu ki hum us bujurg ke liye nhi khade huye the. ab man bolega kyu nhi khada hoga koi reply h mere pass,  Kyu ki abhi hum khud us burug ke liye khade hone me sochate h to koi hamre liye kyu khada hoga. Kyu ye duniya h hu ise itna dege vo bhi hame utna hi vapas karegi.
bas aise hi bahut se khayal man me umad kar aate h.jinhe chahti hu, samjhati hu. Lekin fir bhi kar nhi pati hu aur is duniyo ko de nhi pati hu. Aur nhi pta jo kuch bhi diya h vo mujhe vapas milega bhi ya nhi.

People always think that why they want is money, relationship, and material possessions, but what they truly want is happiness. And most important thing like Wealth, Health and Relationship is just the reword of being Happy. Nothing Else.

Friday, April 13, 2012

First Crush with respect.........

Vaise to ye sab kahne ki baate hoti h ki crush kisi per bhi ho sakta h, iski koi Age nhi hoti h. Lekin maine aisa feel kiya h aur mujhe bhi kisi per crush hua h. Hmmmm that time i was in class 6th, Bahut acha lagta tha, Jab bolti thi ki mai class 6th me hu, becoz jab mai 5th me thi to class ki jo girls thi,vo bahut senior feel karati thi hamesa hum logo ko, so when i was in 6th class,i fell so proud,and one more thing that after 5th, 6th class ke sabhi teacher alag the. And mujhe 6th class ke teachers se padna bahut acha lagta bhi Maths ke ek Teacher the Sanjay Sir aur mujhe unke teach karne ka way bahut pasand tha, Student ko aise treat karte the jaise unke hi bache ho, Itne pyaar se baat karte the ki really fida thi unke way of teaching per. And now i am in 6th and itni khush thi ki bta nhi sakti, Kyu ki ab mai Sanjay Sir se maths padugi. Aur is baat ki kushi aisi thi jaise meri sari wishes puri ho gai ho.aur meri liye vo time kisi Diwali se kam nhi tha.

Now first day of my 6th class and first period English vahi boring, Mujhe english me enterest hi nhi tha. To bas vo class to aise hi chali gai, And after lunch maths ka period tha and pta nhi kyu meri heart beat itni tej thi jaise pta nhi kya hone vala ho, Sanjay sir ne class me enter kiya aur padana start kiya. Mujhe itna acha lag raha tha na, jaise sir maths nhi koi song suna rahe ho. That time mai third bench per baithati thi. Unke class me acha respone deti thi kyu ki pahle se hi sab read kar ke jati thi. And one day ek question tha jiska reply koi nhi de pa raha tha aur maine uska reply diya. But really aisa kuch nhi tha ki mai ghar se read kar ke aai thi bas aise hi mujhe aa gaya tha vo question kyu ki vo jo question tha na vo book se to tha hi nhi. Fir to sir ki mai Favorited ho gai thi,mai third bench se first bench per aa gai thi. Apne increment se bahut happy thi. Aur mere classmate mere se but jealous ho agye the.Fir kya tha bas pagal pan mera badta hi ja raha tha. Unke liye bahut respect h mere man me ye mujhe nhi pta tha, But ek din 8th class ki kuch girls mujhe search karti hui aai aur boli u r Ayushi to maine bola ha, And vo girls mujhe aise treat kar rahi thi ki pta nhi maine unka aisa kya le liya ho.then baad me pta chala ki sir ne vaha class me mere bare me kuch bola hoga to just girls mujhe dekhana chahti thi ki mai kaun hu jisko Sanjay sir ne itna Praise kiya. And vo aise baat kar rahi thi na like Sanjay sir ko to bilkul bhi respect se nhi bol rahi th .then maine bola dekhiye vo hamare teacher h aur hame unke liye respect se baat karni chaiye tum log unke samne to unki respect karte ho aur unke peeche unke liye kuch bhi bolte ho aur babhut kuch aise hi bola tha.Aur ye sab bol kar mai class me aa gai And after lunch Sanjay sir ka class aur maine aaj unki class me kuch bhi nhi bola aur mujhe nhi laga tha ki sir is baat ko notice kar rahe h. But mera mood bilkul bhi acha nhi tha to maine koi bhi response nhi diya. Then school ke close hone per unhone mujhe bulaya aur bola Ayushi aaj tumne class me kuch bhi respone kyu nhi diya, Maine kuch nhi bola to fir Sir ne bola, You are a nice student and duraro ki baato me khud ko itna involve nhi karna chahiye kyu baad me khud ko hi problem hoti h, Kyu ki ye aisi hi duniya h aur yaha per aise hi log milte h,jo samne kuch aur hamare peeche kuch aur hi hote h,and un time se really unke liye mera respect aur hi badh gaya tha.

One day mai apni frmds ke saath lunch kar rahi thi aur sanjay sir ja rahe the to maine pucha sir ja rahe h to bole ha, Maine kaha class to bole aaj nhi luga mera chehra uther gaya, To vo hamre pass aye aur mere tiffin se one bite liya aur kha kar bole nhi abhi aa raha hu, Kuch kaam h mujhe and mera face dekhane layak tha.And meri frnds ne bola Ayushi tu itni khush kyu ho jati h jab sir tere aas pass hote h to, Maine bola nhi aisa kuch bhi nhi h and meri frnd ka reply tha. Ha tabi to sabhi girls tere liye ye bolti h. Maine bola kya bolti h then she told me you like Sanjay sir na. OMG ye kya tha mujhe samjh nhi aaya ki uske is question ka kya reply kare, But that time i tell true yes but i respect him and always i respect him. Us raat mujhe need nhi aai pta nhi kyu bas aise hi yahi sab sochati rahi aur pta nhi chala kab neend aa gai.

 Next day school me 8th class ki girls ne pta nhi kya kaha sabhi se sabhi mujhe aise dekh rahe the ki jaise maine koi bahut badhi galti kar di ho. And meri class li ja rahi thi ki kya mai Sanjay sir ko like karti hu ya nhi. Mai kuch nhi bol rahi thi kyu ki itni log the aur mera dar ke karan halat buri thi bas ye samjh nhi aa raha tha ki ye sab question mere se kyu puch rahe h. Maine bola yes mai sanjay sir ki respect karti hu and i like him, He is very nice teacher and person also and ye sab bol kar mai classroom se bahar aai. And next class maths ka tha aur meri aakho me aashu the. Aur meri himmat nhi ho rahi thi ki mai sanjay sir ko kaise face karugi kyu ki itna kuch jo mai classroom me jo bol kar aai thi. But fir bhi mujhe ye laga jo bhi tha per vo sach tha, Baki to kuch bhi nhi, Fir maine class ki and ghar ke liye nikal aai and mere kuch frnds mere saath hi the aur unki aakho me bahut se question the but maine jaruri hi nhi samjha ki un question ka reply karu aur apne ghar ke liye nikhal aai. Us din raste me mujhe Sanjay sir mile aur vo mujhe dekh kar has rahe the aur mujhe bole tum pagal ho. Ye kya sab classroom me bol kar aai ho maine bola sir aur bahut joro se ro padi and  vo frist time the ki sir ne mere sar per haath rakha aur bola kya hua, To maine bola jo sach tha vo bol diya bas. Fir kya tha vo mujhe dekh kar itna hase ki bol nhi sakti hu, Aur pta nhi kya soch rahe hoge vo us time.

Very Surprising day for me.......Next day classroom me maths ki class and sir ne mujhe khada kiya aur bola she is a very nice student of my class and i like her and i also respect u Ms.Ayushi. Oooo god really sir ne aisa bola and itni Sharam aa rahi thi ki pucho mt and fir kya tha 8th class ki sari girls mere se aur bhi jayda jealous feel karne lagi...And mai sir ki Favorite student ho gai. Mujhe ab bhi vo pal yaad h job sir ke liye maine  New Year Card liya tha aur fir mujhe pta chala ki unhone school chod diya din bahut roi thi mai pta nhi kyu and even mai unke ghar tak gai thi but fir himmat nhi hui meri aur unke ghar ke pass se vapas aa gai.and that time to mujhe kuch samjh nhi aaya but agr abhi sochati dil bolta h its My First Crush with respect........

Hey My frnds this is A sweet story just read it and plz give me ur view so after that i'll continue plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment on it....
and what u think ...just comment on it........................hahahahhahahaahahahh

Vo Kali Jo Fool Ban Na Saki........

Chali ek Taja Kali,Nami Aakho me Bhari,
Chali badha ke kadam,apni Manjil ki taraf,
Mandiro me,Mazjido me,Gurudhuro me chali,
Nami Aakho me bhari,Chali vo Taja Kali,
Mahfilo me,Matamo me,Mahole me vo chali,
Abhi to Tut gai,Shakh se apni h pta,
Chali vo jodne Bandhan,Dusaro se vo Chali,
Nami Aakho me bhari,Chali vo Taja Kali,
Janti h vo, Anjaam Akhari kya hoga,
Uthaye Sar ko Anjaam se Ladne vo Chali,
Nami Aakho me bhari,Chali vo Taja Kali,
Khayal h use,Safar Bhaut chota h Magar,
Vo Muskarate huye,sabhi ke saath h magar
Nami Aakho me bhari,Chali vo Taja Kali,
to be Conti.......

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yahi to meri life h......

Kabhi-2 khud ko dekh kar bahut taklif hoti h.kyuki jab mai apne job ke liye jati hu to raste me aisa feel hota h ki kyu,aisi life god ji,maine aisi life nhi socha tha fir aap ne mujhe aisi life kyu di.jaha mai khush nhi hu,mujhe sukoon nhi h,shanti nhi h,bas kuch nhi h meri life sab god ji ko bol kar ladti hu.
Per us din mai aisa kuch sochate huye ja rahi thi ki achanak meri najar ek 65 saal ke dada ji per gai ko ki apne bodhe kandho per flower pots ka der sara bojh utha akr le ja rahe the. meri najar vahi tham gai,pta nhi kyu dil bas vahi ruk sa gaya tha,aur ek aisi feeling aai ki dil ne dimag ko bola ye kya bakwas soch rahe the tum.dekho in dada ji ko jo is umar me bhi vo apne majboot bodhe kandho per flowers pots utha kar le jara he h. inhe dekh kar kya lagta h ki inhe sukoon nhi h,santi nhi h,Ya kya tumhe aisa lag raha h ki vo ye soch rahe h ki unki life me kuch nhi,Nhi vo bilkul bhi aisa kuch bhi nhi soch rahe hoge,kyu ki agr vo aisa kuch bhi soch rahe hote ho vo aaj tumhe is raste me nhi dikhate,To fir tumhare kandhe to unse kai jayda majboot h fir kyu itna dar bhar rahe ho mujh me.tumhe to himmat deni chahiye thi mujhe ki nhi Anita tum kar sakti ho.Aur us raat un dada ji ke baare me bahut socha ki insaan puri life apni aise hi beeta deta h,aur ek din god ji ke pass chala jata,per kyu aisa,mera bahut dil kiya ki khas un dada ji ko aisa kuch na karna padta,kyu ki ye sab karne ki ab unki koi umar nhi h,lekin fir socha,ki mai aisa soch rahi hu,pta nhi us dada ji ke ghar me aisa kya situation hogi jo unhe ye sab karna padta h,aur jane kitne logo ko vo ye karke khushi de rahe hoge.bahut samjhaya apne dil ko fir kahi ja kar shant hua tha,vaise jab ye vakya hua tha to meri frnd Akhansha bhi mere saath thi hamne ye share bhi kiya,ki dekho hum thoda sa kaam kar ke abhi apni is umaar me thak jate h aur bolte h ki yaar ye bhi koi life h,lekin ek baar jara koi unse to puche jo dinbhar kaam karte h aur bolte h yahi to meri life h................ 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Beete lamhe.....

              Beete Lamhe....

Vo bhari aakho se bondo ka Sila,
Na hua band Vo Bariso sa Jo khula,
Dekhate ban Sa gaya ek rasta sa khula,
Jis pe jate huye koi  Insaa Na mila,
Vo bhari aa kho se budo ka sila.......
Najaro me jhuriyo Sa jo pada,
Andhere me kuch dikhai Na pada,
Vo bhari aa kho se bondo ka sila....... 
Jo aakhe band karne Ko mai laga,
Vo musam fir me mujhe hasane Ko laga.
Vo bhari aa kho se bondo ka sila....... 
Vo bhari aa kho se bondo ka sila....... 
Vo tham kar haath mera chalne Jo laga,
Ye yaad hi na raha ki Vo jamana to gaya,
Vo bhari aa kho se bondo ka sila....... 
Na hua band vo bariso sa Jo khula.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jindagi ki gaharai....

Jindagi ki gahrai ko napane me kya rakha h,
Jo pal h unhe has kar ji lo,vo pal sajone me kya rakha h,
Jindagi ki gahrai ko..........
Dard ki gahrai ko janane me kya rakha h,
Us dard ko jee lo,use kaam karne me kya rakha h,
Jindagi ki gahrai........
Likha h jo kismat me, use samjhne me kya rakha h,
jo mil jaye vo le lo,aur magne me kya rakha h,
Jindagi ki gahrai ..........
Khoubo ki sachhaiko dekhane me kya rakah h,
jo pure ho jaye  vo kar lo aur khoub dekhane me kya rakha h,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bachpan ke un Sapno me

Kabhi kuch aisa hoga............................
bachpan ki needo me socha hoga,apne ho sapno ko kharida hoga,
un diwaro per kuch likha hoga,jaha kuch hamne socah hoga,....
Kabhi kuch aisa hoga...............
pal jo bitaya humne hoga,un galiyo me ab vo soya hoga,
vo lagdhi vo cycle ki race,un galiyo ka ab vo sapna hoga,
Kabhi kuch aisa hoga...................
luka chupi sa jagda hota,vo bagiya ab yaad karta hoga,
yu hi aage nikalna hoga,ye khud ko samjhana hoga,
Kabhi kuch aisa hoga.....................
Kabhi kuch aisa hoga...........

Friday, March 2, 2012


ek adhura sa parichaye jo diya gaya tha mera,nhi tha sach jo bataya gaya tha mera
ek adhura sa naam liye pura karne ki talash me,
jo badha diye h kadam khud ka parichay talas karne me,
ek adhura sa parichaye jo diya gaya tha mera,nhi tha sach jo bataya gaya tha mera
yu to jinadagi ne khud ko pana sikhaya hi nhi
bas jindagi ko sikhane yu nikal pada hu mai
ek adhura sa parichaye jo diya gaya tha mera,nhi tha sach jo bataya gaya tha mera,
jab laga khud ko kabhi socha hi nhi,
jo beete huye palo ko yaad karne mai laga,
ek adhura sa parichaye jo diya gaya tha mera,nhi tha sach jo bataya gaya tha mera,
aaj jab laga mai dekhane is duniya me apno ko,
tujhse(parichaye) bada apna is duniya me mila na koi,
ek adhura sa parichaye jo diya gaya tha mera,nhi tha sach jo bataya gaya tha mera,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

kuch bolti h ye khali sadke........

Is bhare sahar me akela tha,kho gaya hu apni hi raho me,
dekhana h saath kab tak h ye rasta,is raste ko bhi nhi h pta 
khali sadko ko nihare ki adat ho chali h ab mujhe
kyu ki ye raste ab sunane lage h dasta ye din bhar ki mujhe,
is bhare sahar me akela tha,kho gaya hu apni hi raho me,
mila mujhe ek din ludhakta hua ek pathar,bola suno to jara koi sunta nhi h mujhe,
mai bas yu palta to dekha kahi kone se ye awaj aai, bhaga jaise meri hi shamt aai
hakikat to kuch aur h,jab suni maine us pathar ki dasta ye din
is bhare sahar me akela tha,kho gaya hu apni hi raho me,
jab bhi chata dekhu mai un khali sadko ke seene me,
vo dhayal sa dil karata sa mila,jis per chalte h bedard sabhi
vo(sadko) na uff kiya h ab tak dekho,usne apne seene me jagh di hame,
Is bhare sahar me akela tha,kho gaya hu apni hi raho me,