Saturday, December 14, 2013

Only for You My Mamma!!!... :))

I am feeling blessed with the thought of you Mamma...

I'm blessed that I got you and your blessing
I'm blessed that I am getting your care and your love
I'm blessed that I have a body which is only own by you
I'm blessed that I learnt to walk with the help of your fingers
I'm blessed that I took the decision with the help of your support
I'm blessed that I got your hands and got the right way to my pace
I'm blessed that I'm speaking well with the help of your sugar words
I'm blessed that I slept peacefully with the help of your all sweet stories
I'm blessed that I'm surviving in this world because of your mercy on me
I'm blessed that I solved my problems with the help of little chat with you
I'm blessed that I've two cute brothers and a beautiful family in this world
I'm blessed that I'm listening perfectly with the help of your victorious voice
I'm blessed that I'm feeling always strong because of your warship punishment 
I'm blessed that I felt nervous but your power of trust give me the light of confidence
I'm blessed that I'm breathing because you had bear lots of pain for giving me a new life

I'm promising you that I will never leave you alone whatever the situation will come 
I feel proud to saying that I have Mom like you...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Dream "An Immune India" ...

A fruit of the tree gives an identity to the tree. It's my Philosophy. we are the Mango people of the democratic Country. Where, everyone has their own rules and norms and no one wants to follow the rules. And the amazing dream of every INDIAN is a developed INDIA.

I feel that every Indian has a uniqueness, then why don't they use it. Well ! this is my thoughts, when; I start thinking about an Immune and Improved India. Then feels like really we don't have ability to draw an Image, what we dreamed. Yes, We have!!!. Let's Start from this sec...

I have an idea, Why don't we start with our house with our kids, give them good knowledge, environment, teach them how to survive and all the ethics, which you want to follow and expecting that your kids also follow.

Make them understand, that if they will do good then they will get best. Try to give them a fresh and finest thought process. And I believe that our decisions depends upon our thoughts. So, to take right decision you have to a clear thoughts about situations.

Our kids are the future of the India and if future of the India have clear thoughts then I am sure, they will help to create "An Immune India".

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Memorizing the moments...

Standing outside of society watching the road full of vehicles, cars and people. All were in hurry! ya because it's a Navratri and whole Gujarat waits for this festival in the whole year. I was watching the girls in Activa with traditional dresses. they were looking beautiful.

Then I remembered the time when 1st time, I asked to mom that I want to go Ahmedabad and reaction was like i said her that I got a boyfriend. then after a long discussion, everyone had ready to allowed me to go Ahmedabad. And my 1st day in Ahmedabad, I was alone in whole hotel and crying like anything, missing my home, room, table and even water also.

All the days gone, and the truth is. I am here in Ahmedabad, fighting with my dreams and expectations.
I will accept this that I learnt lots of things here, I hurt lots of time, I failed a lot of time but again this city tough me to stand and fight.Even, I failed daily but now I never think to leave this fight. I promise to myself and fetch my power to take actions.

Still, I remembered that Most of time I fell down in the way of my success. but I never let down my confidence towards my goal.When I retrace my memory, I found that I was very weak and dumb but today the picture is fully changed. I am standing to the opposite flow of my success and fighting, crying and laughing with the circumstances.

I remembered that time, when I want to solve all those problems and praying to God that please help me, give me a way to solve all the stuff of my way. Literally, that time I left everything on God and said
                                 "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO"

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Drop of Tear!!!!! .. ??????

A basket full with fruits on road side and an old women trying to sell it. That time her old eyes just watching the faces of people who are coming and going on the road. I think that women will never think about time like that. but the time is the big thing, no one can understand the planning of  it.
The day start with; to sell the fruits and earn the money for evening food. I feel happy that and want to appreciate her that she choose hard way in-spite of easy way like a beggar.There are many person who always choose easy way to find their things but there are very less person who choose hard way to find their things.
On road side people, they never be in light, no one ever notice them. but they are the big part of our life style. because when ever we see them we always thanks to god that they gave us this luxurious life not that hard life.Frankly speaking most of time when I see that person who don't have good food even home also I thanks to god that they gave me this life not that life.
I think most of time; they cry also when they don't have enough money to buy a piece of bread for their family.That time what they feel and did they request to god or they fight with god that why god didn't give them a good life.
I never remember that i ever saw that road side person  sad or their eyes full of tears. Never.!!! then I feel good and want to thanks god that they gave them this much acceptance and peace. I always wish to god that please helps them and give them power to survive.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Gave up ??? ...Just I told you !!

My phone stuck on my left ear and I was waiting for reply .... After 5 min just I heard, ok I will leave but as a friend shall I interrupt??? and I feel to laugh that how could, but it's ok . I know it's all going on just because of my wrong decision. But that time I am not in that situation to take any decision which make you far way from me. But the truth is, I can't wear that pain. And now I am trying to make myself far from you. I know it's not easy for me but I will do. Because I want to my life free and not that much messy and clumsy.
Well I am not that much easy person form myself. and really most of time I fight with myself. To Proof me to myself that I can also take a right decision for me. But the thing is I always get a lot of care , love everything. And I never feel alone whenever if I took any decision. and now I feel fear when I think myself alone.
I will do whatever you want. (But please don't leave me, Please be with me) huh I want to tell all these but why. I am not going to tell you all this. Because I know whenever if I need, you will be there for now you free form my side and I am not going to stop you anymore. I know, I am talking rubbish but it's true and fact, which no one can change.Some time I think that why all this happening. is this any way to back and change all the things. the way we want. But I know it's not possible in any way. So I will compromise with situation. But the word COMPROMISE I don't like this. Because we have one life yaar. And in this we start compromising. Why??? Why don't we lives our life the way we want. And I know The word which I heard in Phone "ok I will "  I don't trust on it. Because rather than this word I trust on those promises that I will never ever left you. Even if you want and I will always stand for you. And I really trust on it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Way !!!!! I AM......

Whole market was sputtering and my mind was searching something else and I am not able to find out that what my mind is searching.then i feel that do i like this noise ?? then my heart say nooo... And this no shakes my whole body and feel a shock in my mind that why my mind still not accepting this. I don't know the reason but my heart is accepting this. This noise..... not healthy for my heart. 
I feel to be with you. just want to talk with you. It's not like that I want a easy life. I want a life where I live not run.I know my thoughts are different but they never harmful and not even hurt. But i accept my way always hurt. I just want, the people who are around me and  I am love them. they always be strong with their thoughts and ways. Because I can't see them hopeless and somber. I want all of them be strong.
I feel too laugh when i think. The hell i was thinking... but I never give up. i will try and show my self and make myself satisfied and for me it's very important to self satisfaction. because if i am not happy with my decision then how people will happy. i know the way i think it's different and most of time people don't get my point but after sometime they realized that i was right. And that gives me a satisfaction that my thoughts never be wrong. I am not more talkative but i am talkative for making people understand. I have a bad habit to controlling things. i don't know but I love to control things. And i never want to hurt people but its happen. you always matters for me but i can't told you because i think you will understand my feelings. but the things went wrong and lost you. I really don't want this. I want you back and i will try till my end. I know i never told you this word and that time i never realize the importance of these words.
Now the things going to change i want a life where things not easy but i want things on my way ( is it???)         

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stop !!!!!! Violence against women

Women!!! The word initiates love, care, power, possibilities and many more.. Women need care, love and most importantly, respect.....

Now days, people talk about respecting women but we can hardly see the same in  action. Most of the time, I read newspapers, watch news on TV how women are getting hurt by her family, her husband even her children. That question why this always happen to us, the women, comes to my mind

Everyone wants change, but no one takes the first step. It’s our nature to talk, discuss but never take any action. Many newspapers, magazines, TV channels are talking about violence against women but what about the result???

For those unlucky women who belong to the black night and days. For them, we need to fight and we need to encourage their self-confident and self respect and make them ready to fight for their rights. If they are ready to fight for themselves, many will stand and fight for them.

                        "Kadam Badhane ki Zarurat hai, Bheed to apne aap hi aa jayegi"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

End of Expectations... !!!!!!!

It was  just Yesterday, I was with my Friend Akansha near Vastrapur and we were talking about our life, our office, our happiness,pain everything, then I said yaar today I don't want to eat dinner. then see said no. you have to eat something ok. and tell me where you want to go for dinner. I said no .. then she said tell me yaar. I told ok lets go Jussi de Parathe.  She told ok done. And when we were going for restaurant I saw a old man, who selling incense sticks to the people who are sitting in the area of restaurant. then we order Paneer burji and 2 Parartha. Really that time I was not that much hungry yet I spend that much money in Jussi. then Akku told one more paratha ok.... I said no but she ordered for us. after having dinner the bill is Rs 250. and she told yaar now I have Rs50, I said don't worry I have. then we paid and leaved the restaurant. we just cross the restaurant area and that old man came near me and said please buy my incense sticks. and that time I and akku both are think that he was asking for money. but then I saw him and said akku , hey akku he is not asking for money , he is just telling me to buy his incense sticks. then she said ok and we back to that old man and asked for incense sticks. he said Rs20. I said ok give it to me and I buy it and akku paid to that old man. He said to me that I was not asking for money, I told you to buy my incense sticks only. that time I feel really bad and realised that that person not able to stand properly and he is just struggling for his food and managing to himself to stand properly. I saw him that his legs are shivering but still he was stand and watching his ends of expectation for money because except me no one buy this incense sticks. then we leave and reached our home. and I talked with my Mom and dad then friend, and just trying to sleep and suddenly in my mind a picture came that was that old man, and I just thinking, why this happen to him, where are his children's. don't they have any idea about that how their parents surviving. And the condition of that old man is not good, that I know and I regrate that why don't I asked him to food or his home so that next time I will help him with anything. Because when I spend Rs250 for dinner is don't means and actually we had not need to spend that much money for dinner. but we did.. and about that old man, he is just struggling for his dinner. O God please help him. I cried that I always telling to God. please give me this , give me that but what he asked to God????????
I don't know how can I help him but i want to help him, now when ever if i meet him again I will asked him for his home and take responsibility for his food... I wish that he will meet me again..

Monday, June 24, 2013

By Default!....

Ya, Really, It’s happen By default because most of  girls were not that type of girl who talk with people very easily,  it take time to comfort with others. But really i don’t know how i got that one who is a gift for me. Still i remember when I cried in front of, And without lose a single sec he hold me. From till, he cares me like i am his responsibility. Really i am very thankful to Babaji that i met with him. Because i am not that much good person and really i never care like that. And i always get care, love everything from him. Most of time i forget, but He never forget to call me, to talk me, From My Morning to night whole day what i did, he want to know. What i ate, to whom i talked, with whom i sit, everything he wants to know. Sometime i don’t feel good that why this much informative. But when one day he doesn't ask me anything, it makes me restless. That what happen with him. i never want to tell that i feel to fear to lose him. But now i said that really i don’t want to lose you. But it’s my foolishness that the thing which is not mine then there is no meaning of fear to lose that thing. But don’t know why still he with me, stand with me, for me only for me any time  And i always did mistakes and he always forgives me with lots of anger. But at the end he accept my sorry. You know I made a record that whatever he told me to not to do. But i always did that. Sometime i think that why he stand with me. Without any reason this much care, love, respect everything giving me unlimited. I never think that much care i will get. But from his side i got unlimited care and love and anger also. Then my eyes full of tears that did i do anything very good so i get him in my life. And i want that he always be happy. Whatever he wants, he gets it soon. Please baba ji always be with him at any situation. if they want help, please be with him. Still i have many things to say but i don’t have word to explain my feelings. He such a nice person, still I remember some moments which make me happy and i smile. Those moments will always with me, maybe we are not made for each other but we are made to make happy to each other at any cost. Really it’s amazing feeling to having someone who loves us unconditionally. And it’s very bizarre that we found someone who loves us unconditionally. Because most of time happens that if we have someone, he also expecting something from our side but it’s really rare that we had someone who always stands for us without any reason, care us love us always try to make us happy. And if i said yes, he will take it for granted. most of time i forget to do my important work but he always remember .i don’t know what will gonna be happen in future but for one thing i am dam sure that he will never leave me and always be with me. Hmm don’t know why all this gonna be happen but really i just want that he will have to be happy in his whole life.
It's a feeling for that one who always with us with any questions, without any expectation,.. I am dam sure everyone have that one special in her/ his life.just want to thanks to come in our life and realized
 us that we are also Important and Precious...... :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ring the bell !..

My purpose through this article is to ensure that sweet and quiet dreams become true with beautiful morning and peaceful night. The day, which starts with a school bag and ends with chit-chat at the dinner table with mum and dad. My dream for that sweet child, who get married at an early age and their dreams shatter. I just want to collect their dreams and put them in those hands to make them come true. Through this Article if one child get a secured future, my hard work will get its worth. I just want to tell those parents who ruin their children’s adolescence by getting them married early just because they lack money or have a big family, please, don’t do this to your child because they have their dreams and they are very innocent. Moreover, they are not prepared to take this much responsibility right now. You don’t know how much pain you give them, because they are like a newborn baby for a married life.  Childhood is not time for marriage rather, it’s time to go school, to make their career and fly high in the sky.... :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Straggle" It helps to make me strong. :)

When i want something very badly and i tried very hard and I lose it, that feeling make me restless. That time i need visionary thoughts that collect my dreams which spread in front of my eyes. Then waiting for that auspicious day when our dreams come true. And we have to be definitive for our dreams and rules. No one has power to cajole us. I don’t want to do a momentous achievement but i want to do, which make me and my some lovely person happy. And with this thought i know my dreams continues impasse. I just want to do something that people know me and my victory will be laudable. i don’t be a black sheep for my family I want only a ship for my family. My thoughts give me a premonition for i will be a successful person. I always try that i never be an impartial person when I will take any decision. If i will wrong so i have to be punished myself. I want to sustenance my dreams in my way no to others. i will never oblivion with my path , with my rules, with my norms and most important with my self-respect with attitude. Sometime my mind need space heater whenever i listen something wrong or whenever i saw anything wrong. But that time i want made my anger arcane but i always failed. After sometime that wrong and unacceptable thing has commemorated for me. Then i start to lampooning myself that why always 1st time i failed to handle it, and that time is really full of vacillate for me. But always i try to present myself as conscientious person. Is that joke? No it’s really true. I know whenever i start to thinking to do something new and my serum runs faster more than my heartbeat. And start to watch the flipside of the result. So that in our future will save. But one thing i always expect from my nearest people that they has to be parsimony for me. But they always proved me wrong. It’s really funny that i did the thing and result, i know.. :). And i feel fear in congregation because i have less confident on me. but my love ones who always refute that i don’t have confidence, they always said no you have to do ,you can and  you will, and you know your confident implicit in you. So just wake up. They always forgive me for my preposterous mistakes and things with have had in past, and after that they laugh so much. Then they said just affix your attitude and confidence toward your work and show the people who don’t trust on that. And there talks come with a drastic pretean in my nature with attitude; because of this my work is without clutter. Most of time i try to show callous attitude to others but i failed, don’t know what’s the reason but i never success. Then i feel that really i am such a fool who never get success..ahh it’s give me unbearable thoughts which feels like some pinching inside and i can't express that feeling. And people think that i am dumb. But really i am not, i just want to show that i have something, i can do best. But never want to compare myself to others. Just want to stand myself and prove myself to me not to others. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

And ! .. My Job Forced me to RESIGN.....

It was shocked for me to showing POI mail in my Inbox. but the thing is, i didn't know about POI and mail but when i read whole mail then i came to know that actually i am the part of a process    “ Cost cutting”. then i feel to call my Boss and miracle happened, He called me and asked about the POI so i replied that ya i got the mail. so you understand that what you have to do? is it right?  yes sir, but want to ask you that why am i in this POI process sir ?     oh well, if you have remembered before 1 week we asked about the feedback. right? yes sir, and for this we got little negative feedback for you, so that’s the reason you in  this POI process. ok thank you sir, i will do my POI process and show you. ( i feels that i talked very rude but really i was very angry and My anger ,i always failed to handle it.)ok,  so Best of luck. ya thank you ( and feels to tell him that i don’t need your best of luck ok, and why i am the part of this hell POI process. and why me?? this question hurt me and make me restless). then baba ji promise i tired to not cry, but just our RM came and asked me what happen and i replied that nothing sir everything ok. He said you know beta where are you start to climbing, Today I am resting there. ok so tell me what happen and come in my cabin. i just went and told him that i got a mail for POI and i have a Target to save my job. so it’s ok, you know in my last job i got 2 times POI but still i worked there for 2 year now i am here. so just accept it as a challenge and show to all that you are best in your field. yes sir sure. then i finished my rest of worked and decide to make plan for achieving this Target. then from Tomorrow i will work on that.i reached my room, no one talked with me, got friends call and i told them that i will talk tomorrow but didn't talk with My best well wisher. i feel 1st i will achieve my target then meet with her. I worked hard 5 days, send daily reports, i have to do all the work, with have to achieve my Target. but i was surprised that why my colleague didn't asked my anything and why he doesn't try to help me,( i don’t want that he do my work but the work which we do together and he didn't asked me for that, why?? my mind was stop  working). then i had some work so i was checking my colleague mail and I was get to Mad when i saw the feedback mail. I never Imagine that my colleague will give that feedback for me. ( that time i really cried, my tears not stopped, and feels like why he did this, i always did good with him than why he did this with me. and i cried in front of baba ji and asked all this questions) then i back to work but haven’t asked anything to him i was thinking that he will tell me itself. because he was watching me that i am doing whole work and told me that hey you doing good job . but i was the foolish person and i think my colleague is very good. then the day came and expecting the call from my Boss and today it was not miracle for me because i know that will gonna happen. and i got a call, hello why you didn't mail us reports( the way he asked me it was really rude like he talking with servant.) i sent it sir, you didn't get please check your mail. ( and my eyes was full of tears but i haven’t allow my tear to fall from my eyes) he said ok will check and let you know. then after an hour i got a call that i haven’t achieve my target so i have to give resign from my job.???? That words stopped my thinking and my tear gone and i told him how could you say that i worked hard, whole day i was in field, i did my whole work if you want you can asked with my colleague, see i don’t need to talk with anyone and if you have remember, so in mail it was very clear written that if you do not able to achieve your Target so you have to give resign from your job. and with this we have your written reply ok that you accept this that if you will not able to achieve your Target you will resign. when i listen all this, i replied i achieved my Target ok and if you want me to resign. so i will, but i will not gonna write any mail, got it ? ( i know that i speak very rude with that person but i lose my patience, but the fact is, i want this job badly and i love my this job , i  really want it.) after that i decide that i will talk with my Boss. but i don’t have his no so i called that person and take the no. and called my Boss. and when i listen his answer ( like my feet had left the ground locks.) he said i know that you achieved your target but we want resign because of your last year performance ok, so you have to write a mail that you not able to achieved your Target that’s why you are resigning. then i said see sir, as you know that i achieved my Target then i am not gonna write this mail and you want my resign so i will do resign, even now i don’t want to do job in this company anymore. ok i will mail you tomorrow morning. thank you. ( but the truth is i want this job, i love this, i don’t have anything, this job is only reason to connect with someone and i lost my everything in this year).
Now the day come when my Job forced me to resign and i did. after this everyone give me best wishes but My colleague didn't talk with me nicely and when i back to my office. i said him Thank you and he asked me why thank you , i said soon you will know. and when i reached my room i cried a lot.
Now I am searching a job and missing my job....... :) 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I never thank you enough "MUMMY".......

I never compare your love mom from anyone.

Mom, I just want to say you thank you for being with me. I still remember that when i needed you and you stand beside me.Thank you for protecting me with things which i don't know.You always understand me Mummy, Always accept my decisions,  and you know mummy most of time i want to say you that i love you very much. And i am thankful to you, because of  you mummy i am living this unpredictable life.You were the 1st person of my life who teach me about the things, people, nature, habits,everything.When I angry, you comes near me and you holds me as well as my thoughts and give me a peaceful smile with promise that you with me at any cost. you know that i am uncomfortable with something which i want to share with you but because if some reason i can't. so that time you understand me and never asked me about anything and you  just hugged me tight and said that i trust you "Beta".you know your this word give me a power to fight with every situation and to stand in front of whole world. Mummy, you know when i don't found you in home i asked everyone that where are you? that feeling make me restless that you not near me.but another moment you are in front of me and i feel like now i am breathing. I want to open my heart and wanna show you that how much love ,respect,care for you in my heart mummy.I don't know about the future but i promise you that what ever the situation i always be there for you. I Promise i will care you, i will make you happy, and love you a lot mummy.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ye Parichaye hai Mera

De rahi hu parichaye sabhi ko ho kar Amara,
Na chah kar jo ban gaya tha hamara,
Vo parichaye jise maga nhi kisi se,
Ek vahi  parichaye najaro me aya sabhi ke,
Nhi yaad karna h jis parichaye ko hume,
Akhbaro ki surkhiyo me samaya hua vo Parichaye,
Suna rahi aaj apna mai Parichaye,
Vo parichaye jise chaha nhi kisi ne,
Ek pahchan banane se,bana  mera ye Parichaye,
Jo nhi ruki kisi mod pe kuch aisa Mashoor mera Parichaye,
Nai rah khoji h khud ke Parichaye ke liye,
Vo Parichaye jise sajaya h maine mere Parichaye ke liye,
Vo adhura sa Parichaye aaj hone ko hai pura,
Chahiye saath nhi kisi ka ab adhura,
Aaj kar le yakin mere Parichaye per pura,
Ki Parichaye h Mera,.....
Ki Parichaye h Mera

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Similarities Creates Differences

                                   A Great Relationship is About Two Things                        
                           Appreciating The Similarities & Respecting The Differences

Its really very deep thought which i got yesterday night. that really very difficult to think that if someone has a similar thought process,that we are thinking for particular things,Its really create problems. Now the thing is,we just forget everything when we are in thought process, and that thought process will be relates to our life,for our friend life, for our friend circle,our family, career, love anything. Same thing happen with our that loved one who is thinking about not all the same things but approximate same, and when that thoughts come with same platform at a same time create problems. ya that's really problematic because the reason is, when we are thinking for someone. we think on our way, On our thoughts we always think that it will be good for our loved ones and when we share it..its like that boom.. hahahaha that happens really, its has happen because I faced that moments many time so for that i’m damn sure...Now the main thing, We think good for our loved ones but not on her/his way, we think on our way that's create a problem... because what she/he wants we have to understand, just for her/his happiness, we will ready to do anything then why don’t we try to think on her/his way. Just once then i am sure, you can realize that why didn't you done this before. Many times i saw and also did, that we do anything for our loved one, we plans and haven’t inform to her/his and what will happen there are two results, 

first one...if whatever we did with keeping someone in our thought,like what her/his make happy. That will really make happy that someone because reason is only that whatever we did with keeping her/his in our it? yes it is.

And the second one....Like we did everything perfect but with keeping only your thought that what will make you happy not what will that someone want. and here the difference creates.

Similarities belongs not only our thoughts with also our actions, most of time our similar actions also create problems but most of time we ignore that but after a sometime when we lose the things then we realize that... but till that time we have been late.

Now In My way..

Vo beete huye palo ki yaado ko samet kar

chal pade h unki tanhaiyo ko lapet kar.
Bikhare huye yaado ke asiyane ko sahej kar
Apni hi galiyo ko yu begana bol kar
Chal pade hai unki muskurahat ko yu apna bana kar
Mai vo nadiya jo us samundar se mil kar
laut Aaya hu us samunder tak pyasa pahuch kar
Chal pade hai unki saso me simat  kar.
Ye kaash mil jaye hume vo yuhi muskara kar
Bas ek yahi khawab apni saso me saja kar
chal pade hai unki yaado ko basa kar
chal pade hai unki saso ko saja kar.. chal pade hai...chal pade hai

Friday, March 15, 2013

Women Day Special...

A women who died just for the justice.. :( it's a shame......

2 March 2013 again, a women is not dead but as a women she has dead because after a 6 days still she is waiting for justice.... why all this happening.. why...??? why they didn't get justice.. why..??? i am really asking to myself.. that its shame on me that i am girl... and they don't have right to get justice?????? is it? then do hell with this Women day? its don't means for me. I feel to cry that why god?? What were the mistake of that girls. it was only,that she was girl.... no god please i feel we are the best creature of you, and only we have the power to create a new life in this world as like you, then why they can't get justice still....tell me if we have power to create a new life then why we don't have the right to get justice GOD and people are wishing HAPPY WOMEN DAY....:(

It's really funny. just ask to that girl what she is feeling yaar... for heaven shake..just want to stop all this thing at any cost. I wish that she will get justice but don't know that will gonna happen or not... but i pray to god if they creating us as a girl then please promise to all girls that it will not happen with any girl again and if he will not gonna promise us then i will pray TO STOP CREATING GIRLS FOR THIS EARTH ... BY Anita Savita

Kuch kahana chaugi mere labjo me.....

Na Dekho hume aisi najaro se, hum me bhi thodi si jindagi baki h,
Le jaoge lut kar jo hume, nai jindagi kaha se pauge.
kar ke hume sharmida aise,khud bhi na ji pauge..
Ne dekho hume aisi najaro se ....
Jo raat gai beet hum per, vo ek raat nhi fir pauge,
dard ke us samunder me,roj sihar sihar jaouge,
chahoge hume dekhana ek baar, hamari parchai bhi nhi chu pauge.
Ne dekho hume aisi najaro se....
Ek sawal aata h, haro jawab ki farmaish liye.
ki hua kya kasoor hume se,jo jawab ke haqdar nhi hum.
Na rona aya us din ke liye, hum to roye the ki kya is din ke liye banaya hume...??
Na dekho aisi najaro se hume......

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Five days in Delhi ...........!!!!!!!??????

After attending My Friend wedding I planned to gone delhi just to meet my friend who lived in delhi..Delhi ja rahi thi to mai bahut khush thi,  kyu ki mai chahati thi delhi jana, Maine kabhi delhi nhi dekha tha.aur ye meri dilli ichcha thi ki mai delhi dekhu,delhi ghumu,vaha ki roads per walk karu,.aisa hi socha tha maine karne ko jab mai train me beithi thi.aur jaipur cross karte hi delhi ki shuruwat ho gai thi....meri side lower ki berth thi 24 no... but mujhe tik se beithnae tak ko nhi mila tha.just because ki tarin me daily  travel karne vale itne trained the ki unhe hum na kah hi nhi paye.aur aise hi dekhate huye jaipur to delhi ka safar cut gaya tha. aur finally i m in delhi station, Meri train old delhi station per ruki thi then maine meri frnd se co ordinate kiya to pta chal ki mujhe yaha se auto karke lakshmi Nagar Metro pahuchna tha. Station se mai bahar aai pta nhi kyu mujhe thoda sa dar laga station me aate hi, kuch alag sa tha.but fir bhi maine apne face se aisa kuch bhi jahir nhi hone diya. fir maine bahut himamt ke saath auto ke pass gai.mai kuch puchati jab tak ek person ne help ke aur mai lakshmi nagar metro pahuch gai,vaha mujhe radh apne frnds ke saath mil gai,sayd kisi ki wedding me ja rahe the.fir mujhe bhi jana pada aur vaha sab tik tha but fir bhi mujhe ek comfort nhi feel ho raha tha. lekin maine is baat ko ignore kiya aur wedding attend ki. then fir apni frnd ke room per aa gai.vaha unhe baat karne ka way,rahne ka way,totaly different tha.fir uski jo rom mate thi,mere dimag se bahar thi.aur mujhe samjh ni aa raha tha ki.why she behaving like that. aur jab vaha ruki to pta chal ki vaha per aise rahna aur baat karna normal h jo ki meri liye acceptable nhi tha.same day hi maine decide kiya ki mujhe nhi rahana h Delhi me.aur maine 12thDec se retrun ka reservation kara liya tha.maine Monday and Tuesday maine kaise bitaya mujhe hi pta h.pta ni kyu dar lag raha tha room se bahar jane me. aur fir mai 12th Dec ko Ahmedabad ke liye aa gai. but really when i came back to ahmedabad, Maine socha nhi ek dar mere dil me tha.vo kuch is tarah se bahar aayega ki mujhe Delhi naam ka dar beith jayega.vo ek raat,vo hour jo us ladki ne mahsoon kiya hoga.hum soch bhi nhi sakte h ki usne kitana dard mahsoos kiya hoga.meri ruh kaap jati h jab sochati hu aur dil rota h,kyu ki aakho se aashu ni aa rahe the.dil me laga raha tha.mai 12 th Dec ki night me hi aa rahi me akele thi.may be mai bhi ye ladki ho sakti thi.fir dil kahta h.kyu?????? kisi ladki ke saath aisa karna. kyu aisa karna ki hume ladki hone per sharam aaye aur dar lage ki god ne hume ladki kyu banaya h. meri delhi me bitaye vo 5 days,aise the jaise kisi jail me hu.ek dar sa dil me.lekin use explain ni kar pa rahi thi.ab pta chala ki mujhe kis baat ka dar lag raha tha.kyu ki mai bhi ek ladki hu aur ek ladki ka intution ye delhi mere liye nhi h........Now I feeling WHY??????????.....kya Galti thi??? that She was a Girl???? :( now Ye five days mujhe aise feel ho rahe the vaise Tufan aane ke Pahle ke pal maine jiye ho...aur tufan is tarah ka hoga,jo puri country ho hila kar rakh dekha....:(  mai bahut paresaan thi ki mai vaha thi abhi five days pahle aur ye sab kaise ho gaya..maine kahi spane me bhi ni socha tha..but ye ho gaya.Vo ek aisa dard le kar gai h id duniya se jiski koi dava ni thi...agr hum un bure logo ko punish bhi kare to, koi mtlab ni h,kyu vo dard jo us wakt us ladki ne feel kiya nhi kaam dard ki tees nhi kaam hogi, kuch ni hoga,.....aur viase bhi kuch hua bhi ni, kyu is ghanta ke baad hi kalcutta me same thing hua...but result nothing,..jaldhar ke kisi chotte se village me hua but result nothing....akhir kyu aisa kar rahe h log. agr unh ladkiyo ka body hi chahiyue jo jaye na shadhi kar le,,,, kuch bhi kare but aisa nhi hona chahiye,....vo aisa kyu ni sochte h ki unke kuch hour se sukoon aur joonun ke liye vo kisi ki puri life vo kharb kar dete h....jaha na to vo ji sakti h aur ha mar jarur sakti h is giult ke saath ki vo ek ladki thi......:(:(:(:(:( 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A fear of losing....

Why sometimes we fail to express our feelings, we want those things which are not meant for us,we want them badly but we can't get it and then the time comes when that one goes before our very eyes.Thinking like if we love someone badly and he also but just because of  we meet late we can't be together.and it's hurt more.and we try to spend more and more time with them.because the reason we know.

The Start of story of our life we never know who will come and how will come and our life will change.and we never think that if the time will come and we will separate then what will happen.. but that time don't know what happen to us.all wrong things shows right.but we know that what ever we are doing is not right but just for be with that person we are really to do any mistake in our life.and spend time with him is golden time for us.and with that moments, we can survive in our whole life.some time we want both .but time is not with us.then we just down our dreams in front of time. we fight with god because he had to give us that what we want.but in reality we loose everything.and don't know why all these thing happen.really its hurt more. Some time we think nothing just let it be. and everything will be happen. May be what we are doing its not right but what we do, Because our heart which not ready to understand the situation.and we left all the things on time.but we know that things going wrong then why we do all this.why???  this question always comes in my mind.and really the thing is same that we want that thing always which will not made for us.and some times we hate our life also because of the reason only that our dreams which never gonna comes true.we realize that may be that one would not made for us.but that pain is not acceptable.and life feels like hell. Do we ever think about that someone who want us and we know that but not able to be together. it's more painful to anything. that we know all the things,situation,circumstances reality but why our heart not accept this. Some times I feel to laugh more because the situation make us like puppet and we react and act like the situation is our boss and we are the employee.and just for our promotion we will ready to do anything. like just that time situation has power to take all decision and we are nothing in front of it.we never think that why all this happened just because we want someone in our life madly.O God if all this will going to happen then why you come with this situation and why only i involve in this.:) :):):),.
its ok koi ni ab ho gaya to ho gaya. tabhi to kahte h.jindagi ke safar chalte huye intazzar to bahut kiya,lekin jiska kiya vo hamare nhi hua...:):):P