Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Way !!!!! I AM......

Whole market was sputtering and my mind was searching something else and I am not able to find out that what my mind is searching.then i feel that do i like this noise ?? then my heart say nooo... And this no shakes my whole body and feel a shock in my mind that why my mind still not accepting this. I don't know the reason but my heart is accepting this. This noise..... not healthy for my heart. 
I feel to be with you. just want to talk with you. It's not like that I want a easy life. I want a life where I live not run.I know my thoughts are different but they never harmful and not even hurt. But i accept my way always hurt. I just want, the people who are around me and  I am love them. they always be strong with their thoughts and ways. Because I can't see them hopeless and somber. I want all of them be strong.
I feel too laugh when i think. The hell i was thinking... but I never give up. i will try and show my self and make myself satisfied and for me it's very important to self satisfaction. because if i am not happy with my decision then how people will happy. i know the way i think it's different and most of time people don't get my point but after sometime they realized that i was right. And that gives me a satisfaction that my thoughts never be wrong. I am not more talkative but i am talkative for making people understand. I have a bad habit to controlling things. i don't know but I love to control things. And i never want to hurt people but its happen. you always matters for me but i can't told you because i think you will understand my feelings. but the things went wrong and lost you. I really don't want this. I want you back and i will try till my end. I know i never told you this word and that time i never realize the importance of these words.
Now the things going to change i want a life where things not easy but i want things on my way ( is it???)         

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stop !!!!!! Violence against women

Women!!! The word initiates love, care, power, possibilities and many more.. Women need care, love and most importantly, respect.....

Now days, people talk about respecting women but we can hardly see the same in  action. Most of the time, I read newspapers, watch news on TV how women are getting hurt by her family, her husband even her children. That question why this always happen to us, the women, comes to my mind

Everyone wants change, but no one takes the first step. It’s our nature to talk, discuss but never take any action. Many newspapers, magazines, TV channels are talking about violence against women but what about the result???

For those unlucky women who belong to the black night and days. For them, we need to fight and we need to encourage their self-confident and self respect and make them ready to fight for their rights. If they are ready to fight for themselves, many will stand and fight for them.

                        "Kadam Badhane ki Zarurat hai, Bheed to apne aap hi aa jayegi"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

End of Expectations... !!!!!!!

It was  just Yesterday, I was with my Friend Akansha near Vastrapur and we were talking about our life, our office, our happiness,pain everything, then I said yaar today I don't want to eat dinner. then see said no. you have to eat something ok. and tell me where you want to go for dinner. I said no .. then she said tell me yaar. I told ok lets go Jussi de Parathe.  She told ok done. And when we were going for restaurant I saw a old man, who selling incense sticks to the people who are sitting in the area of restaurant. then we order Paneer burji and 2 Parartha. Really that time I was not that much hungry yet I spend that much money in Jussi. then Akku told one more paratha ok.... I said no but she ordered for us. after having dinner the bill is Rs 250. and she told yaar now I have Rs50, I said don't worry I have. then we paid and leaved the restaurant. we just cross the restaurant area and that old man came near me and said please buy my incense sticks. and that time I and akku both are think that he was asking for money. but then I saw him and said akku , hey akku he is not asking for money , he is just telling me to buy his incense sticks. then she said ok and we back to that old man and asked for incense sticks. he said Rs20. I said ok give it to me and I buy it and akku paid to that old man. He said to me that I was not asking for money, I told you to buy my incense sticks only. that time I feel really bad and realised that that person not able to stand properly and he is just struggling for his food and managing to himself to stand properly. I saw him that his legs are shivering but still he was stand and watching his ends of expectation for money because except me no one buy this incense sticks. then we leave and reached our home. and I talked with my Mom and dad then friend, and just trying to sleep and suddenly in my mind a picture came that was that old man, and I just thinking, why this happen to him, where are his children's. don't they have any idea about that how their parents surviving. And the condition of that old man is not good, that I know and I regrate that why don't I asked him to food or his home so that next time I will help him with anything. Because when I spend Rs250 for dinner is don't means and actually we had not need to spend that much money for dinner. but we did.. and about that old man, he is just struggling for his dinner. O God please help him. I cried that I always telling to God. please give me this , give me that but what he asked to God????????
I don't know how can I help him but i want to help him, now when ever if i meet him again I will asked him for his home and take responsibility for his food... I wish that he will meet me again..