Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A fear of losing....

Why sometimes we fail to express our feelings, we want those things which are not meant for us,we want them badly but we can't get it and then the time comes when that one goes before our very eyes.Thinking like if we love someone badly and he also but just because of  we meet late we can't be together.and it's hurt more.and we try to spend more and more time with them.because the reason we know.

The Start of story of our life we never know who will come and how will come and our life will change.and we never think that if the time will come and we will separate then what will happen.. but that time don't know what happen to us.all wrong things shows right.but we know that what ever we are doing is not right but just for be with that person we are really to do any mistake in our life.and spend time with him is golden time for us.and with that moments, we can survive in our whole life.some time we want both .but time is not with us.then we just down our dreams in front of time. we fight with god because he had to give us that what we want.but in reality we loose everything.and don't know why all these thing happen.really its hurt more. Some time we think nothing just let it be. and everything will be happen. May be what we are doing its not right but what we do, Because our heart which not ready to understand the situation.and we left all the things on time.but we know that things going wrong then why we do all this.why???  this question always comes in my mind.and really the thing is same that we want that thing always which will not made for us.and some times we hate our life also because of the reason only that our dreams which never gonna comes true.we realize that may be that one would not made for us.but that pain is not acceptable.and life feels like hell. Do we ever think about that someone who want us and we know that but not able to be together. it's more painful to anything. that we know all the things,situation,circumstances reality but why our heart not accept this. Some times I feel to laugh more because the situation make us like puppet and we react and act like the situation is our boss and we are the employee.and just for our promotion we will ready to do anything. like just that time situation has power to take all decision and we are nothing in front of it.we never think that why all this happened just because we want someone in our life madly.O God if all this will going to happen then why you come with this situation and why only i involve in this.:) :):):),.
its ok koi ni ab ho gaya to ho gaya. tabhi to kahte h.jindagi ke safar chalte huye intazzar to bahut kiya,lekin jiska kiya vo hamare nhi hua...:):):P