Monday, September 2, 2013

A Drop of Tear!!!!! .. ??????

A basket full with fruits on road side and an old women trying to sell it. That time her old eyes just watching the faces of people who are coming and going on the road. I think that women will never think about time like that. but the time is the big thing, no one can understand the planning of  it.
The day start with; to sell the fruits and earn the money for evening food. I feel happy that and want to appreciate her that she choose hard way in-spite of easy way like a beggar.There are many person who always choose easy way to find their things but there are very less person who choose hard way to find their things.
On road side people, they never be in light, no one ever notice them. but they are the big part of our life style. because when ever we see them we always thanks to god that they gave us this luxurious life not that hard life.Frankly speaking most of time when I see that person who don't have good food even home also I thanks to god that they gave me this life not that life.
I think most of time; they cry also when they don't have enough money to buy a piece of bread for their family.That time what they feel and did they request to god or they fight with god that why god didn't give them a good life.
I never remember that i ever saw that road side person  sad or their eyes full of tears. Never.!!! then I feel good and want to thanks god that they gave them this much acceptance and peace. I always wish to god that please helps them and give them power to survive.