Friday, July 13, 2012

Boys Friends are Buddies

Really there is a difference between friendship of girls and boys friendship.? But what i feel may be it's true because girls are very element. if they are doing something they are think more, Like that she should be or not. And they think many things,but the result is nothing. Because what they are thinking there is no meaning, and they are always think for future. They are live today but always talking about there future. But boys are like bum. They are just enjoying their life and never think, That will happen in future they just live today.

Boys Friends are Buddies..:))
Ya... Truly I don't know how's Boys hang out with there boys friends. But i know this they are very Latin with their friends and Most Important thing,They never think when they decided to do anything. And really for that only Boys friend always a buddy..:):). Because there are some moments when no one ready to help, Only that one stand for us. Then what ever the situation like,for girl friend and for bunking,for projects,for daddy.what ever they are always with us.:):):):):):):):)
Some times for Girl friend they puncher bike....hey not our bike, My Girl friend bike..hahahaha so that she sit on our bike and we go for not long but little long drive....:P. And some times they took all petrol on our bike and when we are trying start our bike for college but it's not working, Then they tell chal chor na yaar aaj bunk hi sahi...... And the end of the evening they tell us truth that they has took the petrol from our bike. And that time we feel like O GOD please stop all these moments and i wanna be always with all my buddies. And then we think ya of course with my Girlfriend also ..:P:P:P:P:P.
Now The time of more difficult question...??????:P No, For boys it's not more difficult,when ever they are with their friend,and that time his girl friend with her friend...then very difficult question comes is our mind and that is, How i ask our friend's girl friend for her friend....:P...then when we back our room and at the time of dinner,yaar aaj dinner kaisa h, acha nhi lag raha h, bilkul bhi taste hi nhi h,....then our friend reply. ha kyu nhi be ..tera taste to ab change ho gaya h na, food to my GF's friend... Then he replied...Are yaar please please bta na kaisi h vo,apne GF ko bol na ki vo baat kare...Are nhi usase bol ki baat na kare bas ye bataye ki uska koi BF to nhi h, Rest of I will see...and My Greatest friend do this only for me......See what a friend...?????...:):):):):):
And most snafu moment when our college send notice to our home that time they are ready to become our parent for our college and become our Principle for our Mom and Dad......:):):):):). unforgettable moments....:)
The most heart touching moment,What comes in your mind with Girl friend,?????.....................naaaaaaa, when we go one city to another city just for the chill out. and we spend our college fee on it. OMG the time of fee submission, we are begging to other for our friend. And we told that please help my friend his father is not well..:):):)...and when our friend know it, He told..salo koi aur nhi mila marne ko mera baap hi mila tha...per tik h yaar agr yaha ye sab nhi bolte to kal mai mar jata aur tum log mere liye yahi bol rahe hote.....:P:P:P:P:P:..
And the funnest moment....:):):):). What comes in your mind????.Making fool our friends with someone. naaaaaaaaaa.... it is EXAM....:P:P:P:P. We are plan to study. And go our one friend home. And there we are all doing study like.....HM sale, smoke karne tak ke liye kuch nhi rakha h, rahta kaise h tu yaha? chal cigrate de ab....abe liter to dena. nhi h sale,tu kaise pita h. chal macis de. Then we start our study. Now after 5 min, it's so long paragraph yaar. lets some have refreshment. Oeee chal cigrate de, Again we start study after 10 mins friend told  that friends don't you think, Thoda sa silent jayda h. Chal na lappy open kar aur koi song hi laga de mast sa. Then again we continue our study with cigrate and song we doing study. Then after 20 mins...Friends today we do more than enough, Lets go outside and enjoy our this victory. Now we are out side of room and on the road. One friend cried..........
Oe sale tere PAPA ka phone aa raha h mere phone per.  Oe abe uthna mat,cut kar abhi. Ok,
Then again Oe sale fir se aa raha h uthane de varana mere ghar call kar dege.ok chal utha. But told him that i m revising my course. So talk with him later. And our sweet friend convey same to our father. Then our father asked to our friend that where are you all now. Are uncle bahar hu....Abe sale sach kyu bol raha h papa se..,ops sorry yaar...No No uncle I am just out because i have some work but he is in room and studying. Ok beta then when you come back to home. Uncle in 10 mins i will be in home. But may be he talk with you after.......hmm after 30 mins, Because he is revising his course. And uncle told ok beta.
And after haft an hour when we reached home.and we all shocked because his father is in front of us with friend family....... :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P HaHaHaHa funny na. How much we lied but Fir bhi fash gaye hum sabhi and We said sorry to all. Then when we enter friend room we laughed so much..:):):):):):):)...Because sabhi pakde gaye,.... naaaaaaa...Because we enjoyed...:):):P.....After all this is theTime that we are all in the EXAM room....hahaha ....Kuch samjh nhi aa raha h sale. We msqed to our friends. And got reply see what.... Cigrate then song then refreshment,kaun bola tha sale karne ko.khas hum thoda study bhi kar lete........P:P:P:P, And try to copy our next student. And now the time of result. Our Hearbeat like train runing...And at last we came to know that we passed..:):):):):):):)HURRYE.....We all are very Happy. Becoz we all Passed. Now It's  party Time with cigrate and drink, And what we pass ho gaye aur kya chahiye tere ko,ro kyu raha h.....yaar mere itne jayda marks kaise aa gaye...:(:((:(:(:(:P sale tu na.....pee kar ro ya ro kar pee ab........
Then we all are back to our home town. Then Job,then Target,Then Sale hahahaahaha life look like hell..
But when we are remember all those days. we smiled.......:):):):):):):):),.......:P