Thursday, May 16, 2013

And ! .. My Job Forced me to RESIGN.....

It was shocked for me to showing POI mail in my Inbox. but the thing is, i didn't know about POI and mail but when i read whole mail then i came to know that actually i am the part of a process    “ Cost cutting”. then i feel to call my Boss and miracle happened, He called me and asked about the POI so i replied that ya i got the mail. so you understand that what you have to do? is it right?  yes sir, but want to ask you that why am i in this POI process sir ?     oh well, if you have remembered before 1 week we asked about the feedback. right? yes sir, and for this we got little negative feedback for you, so that’s the reason you in  this POI process. ok thank you sir, i will do my POI process and show you. ( i feels that i talked very rude but really i was very angry and My anger ,i always failed to handle it.)ok,  so Best of luck. ya thank you ( and feels to tell him that i don’t need your best of luck ok, and why i am the part of this hell POI process. and why me?? this question hurt me and make me restless). then baba ji promise i tired to not cry, but just our RM came and asked me what happen and i replied that nothing sir everything ok. He said you know beta where are you start to climbing, Today I am resting there. ok so tell me what happen and come in my cabin. i just went and told him that i got a mail for POI and i have a Target to save my job. so it’s ok, you know in my last job i got 2 times POI but still i worked there for 2 year now i am here. so just accept it as a challenge and show to all that you are best in your field. yes sir sure. then i finished my rest of worked and decide to make plan for achieving this Target. then from Tomorrow i will work on that.i reached my room, no one talked with me, got friends call and i told them that i will talk tomorrow but didn't talk with My best well wisher. i feel 1st i will achieve my target then meet with her. I worked hard 5 days, send daily reports, i have to do all the work, with have to achieve my Target. but i was surprised that why my colleague didn't asked my anything and why he doesn't try to help me,( i don’t want that he do my work but the work which we do together and he didn't asked me for that, why?? my mind was stop  working). then i had some work so i was checking my colleague mail and I was get to Mad when i saw the feedback mail. I never Imagine that my colleague will give that feedback for me. ( that time i really cried, my tears not stopped, and feels like why he did this, i always did good with him than why he did this with me. and i cried in front of baba ji and asked all this questions) then i back to work but haven’t asked anything to him i was thinking that he will tell me itself. because he was watching me that i am doing whole work and told me that hey you doing good job . but i was the foolish person and i think my colleague is very good. then the day came and expecting the call from my Boss and today it was not miracle for me because i know that will gonna happen. and i got a call, hello why you didn't mail us reports( the way he asked me it was really rude like he talking with servant.) i sent it sir, you didn't get please check your mail. ( and my eyes was full of tears but i haven’t allow my tear to fall from my eyes) he said ok will check and let you know. then after an hour i got a call that i haven’t achieve my target so i have to give resign from my job.???? That words stopped my thinking and my tear gone and i told him how could you say that i worked hard, whole day i was in field, i did my whole work if you want you can asked with my colleague, see i don’t need to talk with anyone and if you have remember, so in mail it was very clear written that if you do not able to achieve your Target so you have to give resign from your job. and with this we have your written reply ok that you accept this that if you will not able to achieve your Target you will resign. when i listen all this, i replied i achieved my Target ok and if you want me to resign. so i will, but i will not gonna write any mail, got it ? ( i know that i speak very rude with that person but i lose my patience, but the fact is, i want this job badly and i love my this job , i  really want it.) after that i decide that i will talk with my Boss. but i don’t have his no so i called that person and take the no. and called my Boss. and when i listen his answer ( like my feet had left the ground locks.) he said i know that you achieved your target but we want resign because of your last year performance ok, so you have to write a mail that you not able to achieved your Target that’s why you are resigning. then i said see sir, as you know that i achieved my Target then i am not gonna write this mail and you want my resign so i will do resign, even now i don’t want to do job in this company anymore. ok i will mail you tomorrow morning. thank you. ( but the truth is i want this job, i love this, i don’t have anything, this job is only reason to connect with someone and i lost my everything in this year).
Now the day come when my Job forced me to resign and i did. after this everyone give me best wishes but My colleague didn't talk with me nicely and when i back to my office. i said him Thank you and he asked me why thank you , i said soon you will know. and when i reached my room i cried a lot.
Now I am searching a job and missing my job....... :) 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I never thank you enough "MUMMY".......

I never compare your love mom from anyone.

Mom, I just want to say you thank you for being with me. I still remember that when i needed you and you stand beside me.Thank you for protecting me with things which i don't know.You always understand me Mummy, Always accept my decisions,  and you know mummy most of time i want to say you that i love you very much. And i am thankful to you, because of  you mummy i am living this unpredictable life.You were the 1st person of my life who teach me about the things, people, nature, habits,everything.When I angry, you comes near me and you holds me as well as my thoughts and give me a peaceful smile with promise that you with me at any cost. you know that i am uncomfortable with something which i want to share with you but because if some reason i can't. so that time you understand me and never asked me about anything and you  just hugged me tight and said that i trust you "Beta".you know your this word give me a power to fight with every situation and to stand in front of whole world. Mummy, you know when i don't found you in home i asked everyone that where are you? that feeling make me restless that you not near me.but another moment you are in front of me and i feel like now i am breathing. I want to open my heart and wanna show you that how much love ,respect,care for you in my heart mummy.I don't know about the future but i promise you that what ever the situation i always be there for you. I Promise i will care you, i will make you happy, and love you a lot mummy.