Monday, June 18, 2018

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Don't try to judge me

Yes! I m not vargin But it doesn't mean  anyone can F... me.
Yes! I have a beautiful and attractive body.
But it doesn't mean anyone can Chase me.
Yes! I live the way I want, like freely
But, it doesn't mean that anyone can judge me.
Yes! I wear jeans and short tops, but it doesn't mean anyone can talk about my Sanskar.
Yes! I drunk in party and dance but it doesn't mean anyone think I m available.
I am what I am,simply accept it otherwise               Go To Hell.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sharing my thoughts...

I am trying to tell you an ineffable feeling, and it makes me despondency when I fail to tell you a single word of my feeling. I did criterion of my feelings for you, before consecrate myself on you.  I want to be an opulent person in this world because I am plebian without you. If anyone else will have you then I will be lachrymose news for the world.  I always feel a flagrant darkness without you. You are an intrinsic form of my every single breath. Whenever I am with you, I want that moment will stand still forever. I feel inordinate fear when anyone come near to me, because you are the only one who is having prerogative on my body, on my heart, on my mind and even on my soul too.  I am a very pusillanimous person but whenever I remember your facetious face, I feel relaxed. I know that the vicissitude is the rule of the life but I want every whirlwind with you. You are the archetype of my thought. Some time I gutted because I pretend that I will never be yours. I know that I m callow for that love and all feelings but I am not unwitting person. Some time I extol myself because I feel good when I feel that your propensity on me. I tired to give some exhort to me sometime that give me power to how I subjugate you. I feel ambivalent whenever I saw you as a connoisseur. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Go On!!! “Dooars XI”

I am feeling contented; because now what I am going to write will be more worthy. I am happy to know that all the players of team Dooars XI are working very hard to prove their self to the world. I just saw your video on YouTube and feeling bad that why our government this much unfair to their own people. I can not believe that our government has invested more money for cricket, male football Team and many other sports than why they are not seeing the effort of these girls who wanted to be a part of PRIDE for the INDIAN SPORT.

Well, it’s not a new story of our government; So I think we need to help our self to show this picture to our government. Don’t know after showing this “Dooars XI” picture of our government how they react, but I am sure the players of team “Dooars XI” will be known very soon to all over the world.

I appreciate all the players and the captain of the "Dooars XI" that she has proved herself as an individual for this football team. I wish soon you all play for our INDIA and show to all the nuts who were just promised you but never stood for their words.

Wish you all very best FUTURE with your DREAMS

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Will Follow Your Steps!!!

Being in love, like we are living our life's every sec in Heaven. The feeling to be with him, made me to be satisfied with my decision. Your hands make me feels safe and stable. I don't know how I will tell you that how much I love you and you meant for me but I will do everything to get closer to you.

With the time; things will change but I know our love will same like now. I feel laugh when I remember that how you shouted on me for my little silliness and then you came near and explain my stupidity. You know, I love whenever you shouted on me but after then the love I got from you, I will live my whole life with that my silliness.

People says my dear but for me what you think its matter. I know most of time you got angry for my folly things but I do all this just to be close to you because I mash when you moved with anger and I follow you and made you get back to me.

For you will aside my everything even my Self-respect but I know this that time will never came. Reasons will always there because I am not the perfect but I do everything be make our moments perfect. I know, you held me every time and made me strong but when you will be on my place I will stand with you like your strength and you will be like you were.

I did many fatuousness but the only reason is you because I don't want to a serious life I want to spend my every sec with you with laughing. Your little steps which made you far from me, which fascinate to me to do everything for you which force you to back your step on my side.I know that you will never step ahead far from me but the time will change everything and if that time will come.

I am promising you that I do dare to change that time and GET YOU BACK TO ME.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unexplainable feeling !!!

Feeling butterfly is running in the stomach, OMG ! really I am blushing very much, don't know why, what has happened to me??? My heartbeat is running so fast like blood is running in my body. Ouch!!! my phone rung. What the hell is happened to me. I never behave like this. Oh God, A phone ring make me jumped. Well! It's just because of you dammit. Ohh!!! My heart "why don't you understand". Please explain me that what is happening with me. Why I am feeling this much restless, peace-less and don't know what I am feeling?
Excuse me!!! "I heard this word" Why are you reacting this much. All this happening just because of your silly and untrusted heart and I can not believe that I talking with myself. Yes! your are talking with yourself dear. I am your intelligent mind and that questions you are asking the answer is whatever you are feeling all this happened just because of your dumped heart. Don't you know that your heart is falling with someone. Even, I tried a lot to stop you but you didn't listen me even a my single word. Now see,how are you feeling and just because you are feeling this I am also not able to rest at night even, because your heart always thinking about him even at night also.
That's ridicules really! hey,what I did? Now My heart is defending himself. OMG, how could you blame me, Don't you forget that you were the only one who said that "look he is really a good with good mind. Why are you blaming me. The day I met him you said that he is the perfect man for the perfect life-partner. Then I choose him. You gave me the option and way. So please, Dear cleaver mind don't try to blame!!!

I really mad for you, every inch of you...
I really want to walk with your feet like I am a shadow
I really want to vanish your all problems like I am taker
I really want to mix with your every color like I am a water
I really want to keep my eyes on your pain like I am a drug
I really want to keep my head on your shoulder like I am an owner
I really want to keep my step on your footprint like I am a follower
I really want to be your side when you alone like I am savior

Monday, February 10, 2014

!!!"Knowledge is great"!!!

With this Knowledge word though, I want to a new start with everything because the word Knowledge is not a tiny thing. The meaning and the deepness of Knowledge is massive. I am not going to say that without knowledge we can’t do anything. Defiantly; we will but the result surly not accepted as we will planned. Knowledge does their work like how we will use it. Knowledge never leaves us alone whatever the situation come. As per my experience; most of time I use my knowledge whenever I found the situation out of the control and the most interesting thing is that knowledge is not bounded. When we need, where we need, how we need, we can use it as per our intelligence. Most of time, I heard this sentence out of my mind that “Oh god! What is do now” but the funniest thing is god never told us what we have to do, they only give us a way then Our inner knowledge, information and confident make that easy to proceed with any situation. Most of time Knowledge will be an almighty for us, because we are the only one who can do best for our self. In every point of view Knowledge never harmful to anyone but again it’s depends upon us that how we are going to use our knowledge. At my point of view Knowledge is not only great; it’s a need of every human being. Even not only for human being for every being in this earth needs knowledge to survive.