Monday, June 24, 2013

By Default!....

Ya, Really, It’s happen By default because most of  girls were not that type of girl who talk with people very easily,  it take time to comfort with others. But really i don’t know how i got that one who is a gift for me. Still i remember when I cried in front of, And without lose a single sec he hold me. From till, he cares me like i am his responsibility. Really i am very thankful to Babaji that i met with him. Because i am not that much good person and really i never care like that. And i always get care, love everything from him. Most of time i forget, but He never forget to call me, to talk me, From My Morning to night whole day what i did, he want to know. What i ate, to whom i talked, with whom i sit, everything he wants to know. Sometime i don’t feel good that why this much informative. But when one day he doesn't ask me anything, it makes me restless. That what happen with him. i never want to tell that i feel to fear to lose him. But now i said that really i don’t want to lose you. But it’s my foolishness that the thing which is not mine then there is no meaning of fear to lose that thing. But don’t know why still he with me, stand with me, for me only for me any time  And i always did mistakes and he always forgives me with lots of anger. But at the end he accept my sorry. You know I made a record that whatever he told me to not to do. But i always did that. Sometime i think that why he stand with me. Without any reason this much care, love, respect everything giving me unlimited. I never think that much care i will get. But from his side i got unlimited care and love and anger also. Then my eyes full of tears that did i do anything very good so i get him in my life. And i want that he always be happy. Whatever he wants, he gets it soon. Please baba ji always be with him at any situation. if they want help, please be with him. Still i have many things to say but i don’t have word to explain my feelings. He such a nice person, still I remember some moments which make me happy and i smile. Those moments will always with me, maybe we are not made for each other but we are made to make happy to each other at any cost. Really it’s amazing feeling to having someone who loves us unconditionally. And it’s very bizarre that we found someone who loves us unconditionally. Because most of time happens that if we have someone, he also expecting something from our side but it’s really rare that we had someone who always stands for us without any reason, care us love us always try to make us happy. And if i said yes, he will take it for granted. most of time i forget to do my important work but he always remember .i don’t know what will gonna be happen in future but for one thing i am dam sure that he will never leave me and always be with me. Hmm don’t know why all this gonna be happen but really i just want that he will have to be happy in his whole life.
It's a feeling for that one who always with us with any questions, without any expectation,.. I am dam sure everyone have that one special in her/ his life.just want to thanks to come in our life and realized
 us that we are also Important and Precious...... :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ring the bell !..

My purpose through this article is to ensure that sweet and quiet dreams become true with beautiful morning and peaceful night. The day, which starts with a school bag and ends with chit-chat at the dinner table with mum and dad. My dream for that sweet child, who get married at an early age and their dreams shatter. I just want to collect their dreams and put them in those hands to make them come true. Through this Article if one child get a secured future, my hard work will get its worth. I just want to tell those parents who ruin their children’s adolescence by getting them married early just because they lack money or have a big family, please, don’t do this to your child because they have their dreams and they are very innocent. Moreover, they are not prepared to take this much responsibility right now. You don’t know how much pain you give them, because they are like a newborn baby for a married life.  Childhood is not time for marriage rather, it’s time to go school, to make their career and fly high in the sky.... :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Straggle" It helps to make me strong. :)

When i want something very badly and i tried very hard and I lose it, that feeling make me restless. That time i need visionary thoughts that collect my dreams which spread in front of my eyes. Then waiting for that auspicious day when our dreams come true. And we have to be definitive for our dreams and rules. No one has power to cajole us. I don’t want to do a momentous achievement but i want to do, which make me and my some lovely person happy. And with this thought i know my dreams continues impasse. I just want to do something that people know me and my victory will be laudable. i don’t be a black sheep for my family I want only a ship for my family. My thoughts give me a premonition for i will be a successful person. I always try that i never be an impartial person when I will take any decision. If i will wrong so i have to be punished myself. I want to sustenance my dreams in my way no to others. i will never oblivion with my path , with my rules, with my norms and most important with my self-respect with attitude. Sometime my mind need space heater whenever i listen something wrong or whenever i saw anything wrong. But that time i want made my anger arcane but i always failed. After sometime that wrong and unacceptable thing has commemorated for me. Then i start to lampooning myself that why always 1st time i failed to handle it, and that time is really full of vacillate for me. But always i try to present myself as conscientious person. Is that joke? No it’s really true. I know whenever i start to thinking to do something new and my serum runs faster more than my heartbeat. And start to watch the flipside of the result. So that in our future will save. But one thing i always expect from my nearest people that they has to be parsimony for me. But they always proved me wrong. It’s really funny that i did the thing and result, i know.. :). And i feel fear in congregation because i have less confident on me. but my love ones who always refute that i don’t have confidence, they always said no you have to do ,you can and  you will, and you know your confident implicit in you. So just wake up. They always forgive me for my preposterous mistakes and things with have had in past, and after that they laugh so much. Then they said just affix your attitude and confidence toward your work and show the people who don’t trust on that. And there talks come with a drastic pretean in my nature with attitude; because of this my work is without clutter. Most of time i try to show callous attitude to others but i failed, don’t know what’s the reason but i never success. Then i feel that really i am such a fool who never get success..ahh it’s give me unbearable thoughts which feels like some pinching inside and i can't express that feeling. And people think that i am dumb. But really i am not, i just want to show that i have something, i can do best. But never want to compare myself to others. Just want to stand myself and prove myself to me not to others.