Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Dream "An Immune India" ...

A fruit of the tree gives an identity to the tree. It's my Philosophy. we are the Mango people of the democratic Country. Where, everyone has their own rules and norms and no one wants to follow the rules. And the amazing dream of every INDIAN is a developed INDIA.

I feel that every Indian has a uniqueness, then why don't they use it. Well ! this is my thoughts, when; I start thinking about an Immune and Improved India. Then feels like really we don't have ability to draw an Image, what we dreamed. Yes, We have!!!. Let's Start from this sec...

I have an idea, Why don't we start with our house with our kids, give them good knowledge, environment, teach them how to survive and all the ethics, which you want to follow and expecting that your kids also follow.

Make them understand, that if they will do good then they will get best. Try to give them a fresh and finest thought process. And I believe that our decisions depends upon our thoughts. So, to take right decision you have to a clear thoughts about situations.

Our kids are the future of the India and if future of the India have clear thoughts then I am sure, they will help to create "An Immune India".

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Memorizing the moments...

Standing outside of society watching the road full of vehicles, cars and people. All were in hurry! ya because it's a Navratri and whole Gujarat waits for this festival in the whole year. I was watching the girls in Activa with traditional dresses. they were looking beautiful.

Then I remembered the time when 1st time, I asked to mom that I want to go Ahmedabad and reaction was like i said her that I got a boyfriend. then after a long discussion, everyone had ready to allowed me to go Ahmedabad. And my 1st day in Ahmedabad, I was alone in whole hotel and crying like anything, missing my home, room, table and even water also.

All the days gone, and the truth is. I am here in Ahmedabad, fighting with my dreams and expectations.
I will accept this that I learnt lots of things here, I hurt lots of time, I failed a lot of time but again this city tough me to stand and fight.Even, I failed daily but now I never think to leave this fight. I promise to myself and fetch my power to take actions.

Still, I remembered that Most of time I fell down in the way of my success. but I never let down my confidence towards my goal.When I retrace my memory, I found that I was very weak and dumb but today the picture is fully changed. I am standing to the opposite flow of my success and fighting, crying and laughing with the circumstances.

I remembered that time, when I want to solve all those problems and praying to God that please help me, give me a way to solve all the stuff of my way. Literally, that time I left everything on God and said
                                 "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO"