Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Go On!!! “Dooars XI”

I am feeling contented; because now what I am going to write will be more worthy. I am happy to know that all the players of team Dooars XI are working very hard to prove their self to the world. I just saw your video on YouTube and feeling bad that why our government this much unfair to their own people. I can not believe that our government has invested more money for cricket, male football Team and many other sports than why they are not seeing the effort of these girls who wanted to be a part of PRIDE for the INDIAN SPORT.

Well, it’s not a new story of our government; So I think we need to help our self to show this picture to our government. Don’t know after showing this “Dooars XI” picture of our government how they react, but I am sure the players of team “Dooars XI” will be known very soon to all over the world.

I appreciate all the players and the captain of the "Dooars XI" that she has proved herself as an individual for this football team. I wish soon you all play for our INDIA and show to all the nuts who were just promised you but never stood for their words.

Wish you all very best FUTURE with your DREAMS