Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unexplainable feeling !!!

Feeling butterfly is running in the stomach, OMG ! really I am blushing very much, don't know why, what has happened to me??? My heartbeat is running so fast like blood is running in my body. Ouch!!! my phone rung. What the hell is happened to me. I never behave like this. Oh God, A phone ring make me jumped. Well! It's just because of you dammit. Ohh!!! My heart "why don't you understand". Please explain me that what is happening with me. Why I am feeling this much restless, peace-less and don't know what I am feeling?
Excuse me!!! "I heard this word" Why are you reacting this much. All this happening just because of your silly and untrusted heart and I can not believe that I talking with myself. Yes! your are talking with yourself dear. I am your intelligent mind and that questions you are asking the answer is whatever you are feeling all this happened just because of your dumped heart. Don't you know that your heart is falling with someone. Even, I tried a lot to stop you but you didn't listen me even a my single word. Now see,how are you feeling and just because you are feeling this I am also not able to rest at night even, because your heart always thinking about him even at night also.
That's ridicules really! hey,what I did? Now My heart is defending himself. OMG, how could you blame me, Don't you forget that you were the only one who said that "look he is really a good with good mind. Why are you blaming me. The day I met him you said that he is the perfect man for the perfect life-partner. Then I choose him. You gave me the option and way. So please, Dear cleaver mind don't try to blame!!!

I really mad for you, every inch of you...
I really want to walk with your feet like I am a shadow
I really want to vanish your all problems like I am taker
I really want to mix with your every color like I am a water
I really want to keep my eyes on your pain like I am a drug
I really want to keep my head on your shoulder like I am an owner
I really want to keep my step on your footprint like I am a follower
I really want to be your side when you alone like I am savior

Monday, February 10, 2014

!!!"Knowledge is great"!!!

With this Knowledge word though, I want to a new start with everything because the word Knowledge is not a tiny thing. The meaning and the deepness of Knowledge is massive. I am not going to say that without knowledge we can’t do anything. Defiantly; we will but the result surly not accepted as we will planned. Knowledge does their work like how we will use it. Knowledge never leaves us alone whatever the situation come. As per my experience; most of time I use my knowledge whenever I found the situation out of the control and the most interesting thing is that knowledge is not bounded. When we need, where we need, how we need, we can use it as per our intelligence. Most of time, I heard this sentence out of my mind that “Oh god! What is do now” but the funniest thing is god never told us what we have to do, they only give us a way then Our inner knowledge, information and confident make that easy to proceed with any situation. Most of time Knowledge will be an almighty for us, because we are the only one who can do best for our self. In every point of view Knowledge never harmful to anyone but again it’s depends upon us that how we are going to use our knowledge. At my point of view Knowledge is not only great; it’s a need of every human being. Even not only for human being for every being in this earth needs knowledge to survive.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SCHOOL DAYS!!!.. >):

One of the awesome feelings that we would ever forget.  The school timing and then whole day we were in school. The period has started with the attendance and with the homework checking process. Our classes monitor; one the scunnered person in the class after the homework checking process that scunnered person become a friend soon at the time of lunch. Lunch time is one of the awaiting second, as I remembered after third period our lunch has started and when the bell has rung for third period the smile has come on our faces and that third period when ends we have not realized. Most time this happened that we all have sat for lunch and our class boys have come with their games and shared our lunch also. O god! Those amazing moments which we have lived and most of the time when we have tried with all the stuff then we speak that WISH all those moments come again.

All the moments have gone when we have freed for all tensions
All the moments have gone when we have not needed to though for our future
All the moments have gone when mom use to shout to make us awake for school
All the moments have gone when mom has shouted for lunch box
All the moments have gone when we were in bathroom with full of sleepy eyes
All the moments have gone when we have waited the day for our monthly pocket money
All the moments have gone when we have waited for holidays and Sundays
All the moments have gone when the fear of result made us effigy

All the moments has gone when we have flew like a bird