Monday, August 5, 2013

Gave up ??? ...Just I told you !!

My phone stuck on my left ear and I was waiting for reply .... After 5 min just I heard, ok I will leave but as a friend shall I interrupt??? and I feel to laugh that how could, but it's ok . I know it's all going on just because of my wrong decision. But that time I am not in that situation to take any decision which make you far way from me. But the truth is, I can't wear that pain. And now I am trying to make myself far from you. I know it's not easy for me but I will do. Because I want to my life free and not that much messy and clumsy.
Well I am not that much easy person form myself. and really most of time I fight with myself. To Proof me to myself that I can also take a right decision for me. But the thing is I always get a lot of care , love everything. And I never feel alone whenever if I took any decision. and now I feel fear when I think myself alone.
I will do whatever you want. (But please don't leave me, Please be with me) huh I want to tell all these but why. I am not going to tell you all this. Because I know whenever if I need, you will be there for now you free form my side and I am not going to stop you anymore. I know, I am talking rubbish but it's true and fact, which no one can change.Some time I think that why all this happening. is this any way to back and change all the things. the way we want. But I know it's not possible in any way. So I will compromise with situation. But the word COMPROMISE I don't like this. Because we have one life yaar. And in this we start compromising. Why??? Why don't we lives our life the way we want. And I know The word which I heard in Phone "ok I will "  I don't trust on it. Because rather than this word I trust on those promises that I will never ever left you. Even if you want and I will always stand for you. And I really trust on it.