Friday, June 19, 2015

Sharing my thoughts...

I am trying to tell you an ineffable feeling, and it makes me despondency when I fail to tell you a single word of my feeling. I did criterion of my feelings for you, before consecrate myself on you.  I want to be an opulent person in this world because I am plebian without you. If anyone else will have you then I will be lachrymose news for the world.  I always feel a flagrant darkness without you. You are an intrinsic form of my every single breath. Whenever I am with you, I want that moment will stand still forever. I feel inordinate fear when anyone come near to me, because you are the only one who is having prerogative on my body, on my heart, on my mind and even on my soul too.  I am a very pusillanimous person but whenever I remember your facetious face, I feel relaxed. I know that the vicissitude is the rule of the life but I want every whirlwind with you. You are the archetype of my thought. Some time I gutted because I pretend that I will never be yours. I know that I m callow for that love and all feelings but I am not unwitting person. Some time I extol myself because I feel good when I feel that your propensity on me. I tired to give some exhort to me sometime that give me power to how I subjugate you. I feel ambivalent whenever I saw you as a connoisseur. 

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