Monday, January 6, 2014

The Last Day!!!

I was standing outside of his room and waiting for his call on my phone. Tears are gaming with my eyes with the bowling of lots of drops on my cheek. Even, waiting for his friend also but no one came and I was crying like a whore.  Really missing the world’s beautiful ring and a smooth hanky in my life and missing those steps which I had taken to reach his room door. I was shivering and planning that if he will come how I will react. I planned that I will hug him and I will cry also. But I waited a lot no one came, no phone, no message, nothing. Feeling like I lost my soul and my body was stuck in the stairs. Tears are still running and saying to me that please wait maybe he will come. But like me my tears are also a fool and I back to my room whole way I was crying, thinking and deciding that I will never talk to him ever. But my heart was not stopping to think about him. A question has come again and again in my mind that did he really loves and cares for me. My mind was answering that are you really fool everything is happening and are you still thinking that is he loves you. I haven’t had dinner and waited the whole night for his call or message. Next morning, I was dull and not happy with my breath and shouting on my blood that why they are running in my body. Then suddenly, I got a call from my mom, I picked the call and she said “Hello Bitiya” and lots of tear rolls and clearing my chick, I said yes mummy. She asked me how you are, did you have anything. I said everything is ok mummy and I have not had anything yet. She said take care of me and everything will be fine beta and remember one thing that whatever is happening and whatever has happened it will happen for good. Ok I said ok mummy and cut the phone and really my mind was stopped but not tears then I pack my bag and went for an interview.

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