Saturday, December 14, 2013

Only for You My Mamma!!!... :))

I am feeling blessed with the thought of you Mamma...

I'm blessed that I got you and your blessing
I'm blessed that I am getting your care and your love
I'm blessed that I have a body which is only own by you
I'm blessed that I learnt to walk with the help of your fingers
I'm blessed that I took the decision with the help of your support
I'm blessed that I got your hands and got the right way to my pace
I'm blessed that I'm speaking well with the help of your sugar words
I'm blessed that I slept peacefully with the help of your all sweet stories
I'm blessed that I'm surviving in this world because of your mercy on me
I'm blessed that I solved my problems with the help of little chat with you
I'm blessed that I've two cute brothers and a beautiful family in this world
I'm blessed that I'm listening perfectly with the help of your victorious voice
I'm blessed that I'm feeling always strong because of your warship punishment 
I'm blessed that I felt nervous but your power of trust give me the light of confidence
I'm blessed that I'm breathing because you had bear lots of pain for giving me a new life

I'm promising you that I will never leave you alone whatever the situation will come 
I feel proud to saying that I have Mom like you...

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