Monday, February 10, 2014

!!!"Knowledge is great"!!!

With this Knowledge word though, I want to a new start with everything because the word Knowledge is not a tiny thing. The meaning and the deepness of Knowledge is massive. I am not going to say that without knowledge we can’t do anything. Defiantly; we will but the result surly not accepted as we will planned. Knowledge does their work like how we will use it. Knowledge never leaves us alone whatever the situation come. As per my experience; most of time I use my knowledge whenever I found the situation out of the control and the most interesting thing is that knowledge is not bounded. When we need, where we need, how we need, we can use it as per our intelligence. Most of time, I heard this sentence out of my mind that “Oh god! What is do now” but the funniest thing is god never told us what we have to do, they only give us a way then Our inner knowledge, information and confident make that easy to proceed with any situation. Most of time Knowledge will be an almighty for us, because we are the only one who can do best for our self. In every point of view Knowledge never harmful to anyone but again it’s depends upon us that how we are going to use our knowledge. At my point of view Knowledge is not only great; it’s a need of every human being. Even not only for human being for every being in this earth needs knowledge to survive.


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