Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Will Follow Your Steps!!!

Being in love, like we are living our life's every sec in Heaven. The feeling to be with him, made me to be satisfied with my decision. Your hands make me feels safe and stable. I don't know how I will tell you that how much I love you and you meant for me but I will do everything to get closer to you.

With the time; things will change but I know our love will same like now. I feel laugh when I remember that how you shouted on me for my little silliness and then you came near and explain my stupidity. You know, I love whenever you shouted on me but after then the love I got from you, I will live my whole life with that my silliness.

People says my dear but for me what you think its matter. I know most of time you got angry for my folly things but I do all this just to be close to you because I mash when you moved with anger and I follow you and made you get back to me.

For you will aside my everything even my Self-respect but I know this that time will never came. Reasons will always there because I am not the perfect but I do everything be make our moments perfect. I know, you held me every time and made me strong but when you will be on my place I will stand with you like your strength and you will be like you were.

I did many fatuousness but the only reason is you because I don't want to a serious life I want to spend my every sec with you with laughing. Your little steps which made you far from me, which fascinate to me to do everything for you which force you to back your step on my side.I know that you will never step ahead far from me but the time will change everything and if that time will come.

I am promising you that I do dare to change that time and GET YOU BACK TO ME.

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